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Who are the KidsWell Partners?

KidsWell Partners represent over 30 state and national children’s advocacy organizations. Our state Partners are active in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Texas!


What are they working towards?

The Partners work together to increase access to health insurance coverage and to ensure successful health care reform implementation on behalf of kids and their families.


How does the Hub work?

Filter information by topic or by Partner to get news and tools from the KidsWell Partners. From Medicaid to Navigators, and from Action Alerts to Webinars, this Hub gives you the latest scoop on children’s advocacy and health care!


  • NLC To Host Webinar on New Advocacy Agenda

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    NLC: The National League of Cities will host a webinar introducing its 2015 advocacy agenda and reviewing President Obama’s budget on Tuesday, February 17. Registration is available now.

  • Texas Well and Healthy To Host Coverage Expansion Day

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    TX: On March 12, 2015, Texas Well and Healthy, as part of the Cover Texas Now! coalition, will host a Coverage Expansion Advocacy Day. The day will help to bring attention for the need to close the coverage gap in Texas to the State Capitol. Registration is available now.

  • NHeLP Publishes Reproductive Health Coverage Issue Brief

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published its fifth issue brief in a series on Medicaid Managed Care Model Provisions. The newest brief focus on access to reproductive health services and notes that although many women in Medicaid have reproductive health coverage, access to services is an issue  because many plans, providers, and facilities refuse to provide services based on religious or moral objections. The brief provides a number of recommendations that could address this issue.

  • CSS Guest Blogs about NY’s Governor’s Budget

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    NY: Elisabeth R. Benjamin, vice president of health initiatives for Community Service Society of New York, wrote a guest blog for Health Care for All New York about Governor Cuomo’s budget bill. The blog supports the proposed new financing mechanism for the state Marketplace and the proposed $2.5 million in state funding for the Community Health Advocates (CHA) program, which provides navigator and application assistance.

  • YI Blogs About Millennial Enrollment Efforts

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    YI: Young Invincibles blogged about outside-of-the-box efforts to educate young adults about, and enroll them in, health coverage. The blog highlights rates to date with 26% of this year’s enrollees are between ages 18 and 34. The blog also discusses the approximately 200 events that will occur this week in a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day.

  • NASHP Updates Marketplace Renewal Strategies Chart

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    NASHP: The National Academy for State Health Policy updated its marketplace renewal strategies chart. The chart includes a breakdown of each state’s processes for Marketplace renewals including whether the Marketplace will auto-renew Qualified Health Plans, the approach to tax subsidy redeterminations are, and consumer communications to assist with renewal.

  • NHeLP Files Amicus Brief in King v. Burwell

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program, along with AARP, filed an amicus brief in the King v. Burwell case that is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. The plaintiffs in the case contend that subsidies can only be provided to consumers in State-based Marketplaces (SBMs) and that consumers in Federally Facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs) are not eligible for subsidies. The brief argues the elimination of premium tax credits for individuals in the FFM will make insurance unaffordable and inaccessible to millions of Americans, directly countering the ACA’s goals. The brief claims there is precedent that when the outcome of such a development would run completely against a statute’s intentions, the arguments must be rejected.
  • YI Announces Countdown to National Youth Enrollment Day Events

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    YI: Young Invincibles announced two events to be held on January 24, 2015 as a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day. The first event, in Houston, Texas, will be held in partnership with the Enroll Gulf Coast Collaborative and Get Covered America. The second event, a community health fair in Chicago, Illinois, will be held in partnership with the Allied Health Program of Kevlyn Park High School and Illinois

    Rep. Will Guzzardi. Both events will aim to educate young adults about new health coverage options available to them under the ACA.

  • Texas KidsWell Partners To Host CHIP Legeslative Briefing

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    TX: Texas KidsWell Partners, Center for Public Policy Priorities, Children’s Defense Fund-Texas, and Texans Care for Children, are joining 25 other members of the Texas CHIP Coalition to host a legislative briefing on January 23, 2015. The briefing is for legislative staff and will provide an overview of Medicaid/CHIP as well as specific programs and outcomes. Registration is available now.
  • ACY Updates 2015 Health Priorities

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    MD: Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY) released their 2015 policy priorities across a number of issue areas. ACY’s health priorities focus on Medicaid dental benefits, better connecting foster youth with Medicaid, and increasing health literacy among vulnerable populations.
  • CCF Releases Two Reports on Arizona's CHIP Experience

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    CCF: The Georgetown Center on Children and Families released two reports on Arizona’s decision to end its CHIP program. The first report provides findings from focus groups and interviews with parents whose children lost health coverage when Arizona became the only state in the country without an active CHIP program. The second report examines Arizona’s experience and offers insights from a national perspective.
  • CCF Releases Annual 50-State Medicaid Survey

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    CCF: The Georgetown Center on Children and Families blogged about the release of their 2015 report on Medicaid and CHIP eligibility, enrollment, renewal, and cost-sharing policies. The report is released annually and surveys all 50 states to create a baseline for measuring ongoing progress and improvements. The report found that ACA implementation has broadened the coverage base for low-income populations and modernized enrollment experiences.
  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Medicaid Expansion

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the current state of Medicaid expansion proposals as the 2015 state legislative session begins. The blogs notes that the new Governor continues to publically oppose expansion but encourages Texans to continue to apply pressure to state lawmakers.

  • Florida CHAIN Blogs about ACA Tax Requirements

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    FL: Florida CHAIN blogged about the complexity of the upcoming tax season, noting that those without health coverage in 2014 will be forced to pay a penalty unless they qualify for an exemption from the individual mandate requirement. The blog explains that most low-income Floridians will be able to qualify for an exemption and provides links to proper IRS forms and resources on the topic.
  • NASHP Updates Children’s Coverage Policy Toolbox

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    NASHP: The National Academy for State Health Policy updated its Toolbox for Advancing Children’s Coverage through Health Reform Implementation. The toolbox provides information and tools related to the ACA’s impact on children’s coverage and assists states considering policy solutions. The updates include new resources on eligibility and enrollment, retention and churn, and outreach and consumer assistance.
  • HCFANY Blogs About LGBT Enrollment Outreach

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    NY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) blogged about the beginning of LGBT Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment week, an effort aimed at informing uninsured LGBT New Yorkers about coverage options and helping them apply before the end of Open Enrollment. Lois Uttley, co-chair of the HCFANY LGBT Task Force, stated, “[w]e want uninsured LGBT New Yorkers to know that you can apply for coverage without fear of discrimination or being turned down because of pre-existing conditions.”

  • NHeLP Outlines 2015 Priorities

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) published an e-newsletter outlining the organization’s top priorities and goals for 2015. The newsletter explains NHeLP’s goals and expectations for many issue areas, including: ACA implementation; Medicaid expansion; CHIP; and reproductive health.

  • California KidsWell Partners Comment on Governor’s Budget Proposal

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    CA: California KidsWell partners, Children Now, Children’s Defense Fund-CA, PICO California, and The Children’s Partnership, issued a press release along with two other statewide organizations on the governor’s proposed budget. The press release notes a missed opportunity to expand Medi-Cal coverage to immigrants newly eligible for “deferred action” status, disappointment in maintained cuts to Medi-Cal provider rates, and excitement for a proposal to expand a county pediatric palliative care pilot program. The organizations call on the Governor and Legislature to create a system that will truly cover all children in California regardless of income or immigration status.

  • KidsWell Partners File Amicus Brief Supporting Private Enforcement of the Medicaid Act

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    First Focus, NHeLP: KidsWell partners, First Focus and The National Health Law Program, along with 16 other organizations, filed an amicus brief in the Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Center case arguing that private enforcement of the Medicaid Act is necessary when state violations harm program beneficiaries. The brief argues that a decision against private enforcement would remove one of the main ways low-income individuals can legally challenge states’ harmful decisions.

  • NHeLP Publishes Medicaid Fact Sheet

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published a fact sheet on the top 5 reasons Medicaid is essential to low-income people. The fact sheet explains that Medicaid is essential for low-income individuals because: it is designed specifically for this population; it has  provider network rules guaranteeing access; it is truly affordable; it protects individuals’ rights; and because it provides people with access and continuity.

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Today’s #KidsFact: The percentage of children without health insurance decreased from 10% in 2008 to only 7% in 2011! Check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2013 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, released in partnership with Children Now here: http://bit.ly/1fhaDoV!