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Welcome to Kidswell

KidsWell is a national advocacy campaign focused on successful health care reform implementation on behalf of children. KidsWell provides timely, easy-to-understand health care reform news and analysis.

Our approach is unique. In addition to providing timely health care reform information, we coordinate over 30 children's health advocacy organizations who are working to increase health insurance coverage for our nation’s children and families.

Featured Partner
Center for Public Policy Priorities

Is Texas making the grade? Check out CPPP’s press release to learn about a new report examining children’s developmental, health and educational indicators which found that Texas’ children face significant barriers to success. The report calls for state and national action to help ensure all children may achieve their full potential.

Health Reform Highlights
  • OH: Office of Health Transformation Announced 106,238 Newly Eligible Adults Have Enrolled in Medicaid
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  • US: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Resigned
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