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Welcome to KidsWell!

After three and a half busy years, the KidsWell Campaign’s health care reform tracking effort is winding down. The KidsWell Partner Hub will remain intact through Spring 2015, but as of early October we will no longer support the other pages on the website. We encourage you to follow KidsWell’s national and state partners for the latest health care reform and children’s advocacy news! Thank you for your support!

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Health Reform Highlights

After three and a half busy years, the KidsWell Weekly Update’s health care reform tracking effort is winding down. September 30th will be our last weekly newsletter. It has been a pleasure monitoring state and federal health care reform implementation activity on behalf of Atlantic Philanthropies and our loyal readers. If you are looking for ongoing weekly health care reform updates we hope you will visit and sign up for our national KidsWell partners’ newsletters.

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Welcome to KidsWell

KidsWell is a national advocacy campaign focused on successful health care reform implementation on behalf of children. Our approach is unique. In addition to providing timely health care reform information, we coordinate over 30 children's health advocacy organizations who are working to increase health insurance coverage for our nation’s children and families.

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Georgetown Center for Children and Families

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 Medicaid beneficiaries is a child under the age of 6? CCF’s report, “Medicaid’s Role in Improving Early Childhood Outcomes,” highlights Medicaid coverage for kids and discusses how health can impact childhood development.

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