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The Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade emphasizes collaboration and partnership in order to provide the programs and services needed by children and families and to effect community-wide change. To develop and promote these programs and services, the Children’s Trust encourages creative approaches to coordinating, integrating and funding services across and within the areas of health, safety, development and to promote increased parental and community involvement on behalf children, while stressing accountability and results. The Children’s Trust works to ensure that children have access to affordable, quality health care coverage in Florida. See below for more information about the Children’s Trust’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • The Children’s Trust Hosts TV Show on Children’s Policy Issues

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    FL: On March 7th, The Children’s Trust hosted a television show exploring policy issues, including legislation and funding for children’s health. State Senator Rene Garcia and Diana Ragbeer, director of Public Policy and Community Engagement at The Children’s Trust, were featured on the show and discussed the possibility of the Florida Legislature expanding Medicaid. Ms. Ragbeer, stated, “[t]here’s much at stake this [legislative] session. Are children and families going to be at the top of the list? It’s our responsibility to see that they are.”

  • Come for the Knowledge, Stay for the Fun! Children's Trust Hosted Free Family Health Expo!

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    The Children’s Trust hosted a free Health and Social Services Family Expo on August 24th, to provide parents direct access to educational, health and social services. The event featured 250 displays showcasing information about education, nutrition, and KidCare application support. In addition, the Expo featured entertainment for kids including magic and character greetings from Nickelodeon stars and Curious George!
  • Want to Know Which ACA Kid Issues the Florida Legislature is Talking About? Check Out The Children's Trust's Talk Show!

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    FL: The Children’s Trust’s “Our Children” Talk Show March 2nd episode featured ACA related issues that the state legislature is focusing on in the 2013 session, including the expansion of KidCare for legal immigrant children and funding for mental health services.
  • KidsWell Florida Issued a Call to Action to Extend Tax Cuts and Protect Programs

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    FL: The Children’s Trust and Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy issued a call to action requesting individuals to sign a letter of concern to Florida’s Congressional Delegation advocating for extending tax cuts for the middle class and protect vital programs for Florida’s children and families.
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Hosted a Webinar to Review Report on the ACA's Implications

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    FL: Florida KidsWell Grantees, in collaboration with the Georgetown Health Policy Institute, held a webinar to launch a report on the implications of the ACA’s Supreme Court decision on Florida’s Medicaid Program. The report was highlighted in a guest column in the Tampa Bay Times and the Georgetown Center for Children and Families Say Ahhh! Blog.
  • KidsWell Florida was Acknowledged in an Article for its Efforts to Support Individuals as they Identify Eligible Coverage Opportunities

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    FL: KidsWell Florida was highlighted in an article on its efforts to support parents and individuals identify eligible coverage opportunities.
  • KidsWell Florida and CCF Hosted a Webinar on Health Care Reform Implementation's Impact on Children

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    FL: KidsWell Florida, in collaboration with the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, will host a webinar on December 6th on health care reform implementation and the impact of these efforts on improving coverage for children in Florida.
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Released KidsCare Toolbox Report

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    KidsWell Florida held a conference call on October 30th to announce the release of Florida’s KidsCare Toolbox report, which provides information about how kids currently access coverage in the state and how the program can be improved.
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Issued Information on Medicaid Expansion

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    FL: The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy (FCFEP) issued a brief and report highlighting the benefits of Medicaid expansion.  Florida CHAIN issued a fact sheet providing data points on eligible Medicaid populations and current and future income eligibility limits.  Dr. Peter A. Gorski, Chief Health and Child Development Officer for The Children’s Trust, published an editorial in The Miami Harold focusing on the costs and benefits of the Medicaid expansion for Florida.

  • KidsWell Florida Partners Hosted Webinar on Health Care Coverage for Children

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    KidsWell Florida held its first webinar on May 30th titled KidsWell Florida: Practical Solutions to Cover All Kids. A recording of the webinar is available here. Organizations under the KidsWell Florida Banner include, The Children's Movement of Florida, Florida CHAIN, the Florida Center of Fiscal Economic Policy, The Children's Trust and the Florida Children's Healthcare.

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