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The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is committed to the goal of increasing access to quality, affordable health coverage in order to improve individual and community health outcomes, promote health equity, and alleviate barriers to employment. To achieve this goal, CSS launched a comprehensive campaign around health care access to address the nearly 2.6 million New Yorkers who lack health insurance. Working statewide with local community partners, our aim is to build public will and advocate for significant government support for needed health reforms. See below for more information about CSS’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • CSS To Host ACA Training

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    NY: The Community Service Society will host an ACA training on October 15th. The training includes an overview of: the law and its requirements; the New York Marketplace; financial assistance; and enrollment procedures. Registration is available now.

  • CSS to Host Medicaid for MAGI Population Training

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    NY: The Community Service Society will host a training on May 28, 2014 on Medicaid eligibility. The training will highlight how to calculate household income and composition under the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) methodology and discuss immigrant eligibility, the Medicaid benefit package, applying for Medicaid through the state’s Marketplace, and managed care provisions.  Registration is available now and costs $50.  

  • KidsWell NM and NY Grantees Discuss ACA Affordability

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    NM & NY: Two KidsWell grantees—Sireesha Manne, staff attorney for the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, and Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president for the Community Service Society (CSS)—were quoted in Stateline about the affordability of the ACA.  Manne stated, “For those with very low wages trying to raise kids, after paying for housing, electricity, food, transportation, and child care, asking people to pay another $50 or $100 a month, that’s just out of reach.”  Benjamin noted the variation in cost of living across the U.S., “What’s poor in Mississippi is different from what’s poor in New York state.  People have so little disposable income in New York City and other urban areas, but the law doesn’t do geographic indexing.”

  • CSS Published a Report with Recommendations to Develop Framework of Consumer Protections in the Exchange

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    Community Service Society (CSS) published a report providing recommendations to develop a framework of consumer protections in the Exchange.
  • CSS Released a Report Exposing Systemic Problems in New York Non-Profit Hospitals

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    Community Catalyst highlighted a Democracy Now! Story on the Community Service Society of New York's (CSS) recently released two year report exposing systemic problems in New York non-profit hospitals - Incentivizing Patient Financial Assistance: How to Fix New York’s Hospital Indigent Care Program. The story featured CSS's Elisabeth Benjamin discussing the report and its implications, as well as a patient highlighted in the report.
  • CSS Vice President Discussed Concerns Regarding State Based Insurance Program

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    Elisabeth Benjamin of CSS was quoted in an article expressing her concerns regarding Healthy New York, a state based insurance program for individuals and small programs, only admitting new enrollees who enroll in the program’s high-deductible health plan. This plan requires single enrollees to pay a premium of $1,200 and families pay double that amount. Currently Healthy New York is limited to individuals within 250% of the FPL, has 178,000 enrollees in its standard plan, and it receives $160 million annually from the state.

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