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The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is committed to the goal of increasing access to quality, affordable health coverage in order to improve individual and community health outcomes, promote health equity, and alleviate barriers to employment. To achieve this goal, CSS launched a comprehensive campaign around health care access to address the nearly 2.6 million New Yorkers who lack health insurance. Working statewide with local community partners, our aim is to build public will and advocate for significant government support for needed health reforms. See below for more information about CSS’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

Basic Health Plan

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  • Vice President of Community Service Society Commented on States' Delay to Implement the Basic Health Plan

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    NY: Elizabeth Benjamin, vice president of health initiatives for the Community Service Society, was quoted in a Politico article discussing how states are awaiting further federal guidance before they can implement the Basic Health Plan.  

  • CSS Hosted a Webinar on Basic Health Plan Options in NY and Reviewed Findings From a CCS Policy Brief

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    NY: Community Service Society (CSS) will host a webinar on December 6th to explore the Basic Health Plan options in the state. The webinar will review findings and recommendations from a CCS’s report – Covering More New Yorkers While Easing the State’s Budget Burden – and features Elisabeth Benjamin, Vice President of Health Initiatives, CSS.
  • CSS Provided Update on Coverage Benefits and Cost Savings of a State-Run Basic Health Plan

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    The Community Service Society provided an update to its June 2011 analysis “Bridging the Gap: Exploring the Basic Health Insurance Option for New York.” The report examines the most recent data on the coverage benefits for individuals and the cost savings for the State of establishing a state-run BHP. According to the new analysis, creation of a BHP would allow approximately 617,500 New Yorkers to access more affordable coverage while providing coverage for an additional 100,000 uninsured individuals. In addition, a BHP could save the state roughly $954 million in annual health care costs.

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