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Since 1998, Children’s Defense Fund-California (CDF-CA) has worked with colleagues in the 100% Campaign to ensure that all of California’s children gain access to affordable, comprehensive health coverage. CDF-CA’s efforts to expand coverage for children, simplify enrollment processes, and support outreach efforts have resulted in a significant decline in the number of uninsured children in the state. See below for more information about CDF-CA’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • CDF Publishes Child Poverty Report

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    CDF, CA: The Children’s Defense Fund published a report showing that an investment of an additional 2 percent of the federal budget into existing programs and policies could help reduce child poverty by 60 percent. The report notes that the United States has the second highest child poverty rate among 35 industrialized countries. Despite progress in reducing child poverty over the last 50 years, 12.2 million children still live below the federal poverty level.  Children’s Defense Fund – California released a companion report outlining how to reduce California child poverty by 58 percent.

  • CDF Texas and CA Awarded a Grant for School Based Health Outreach Effort

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    TX & CA: The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Texas and California chapters were awarded a grant to support a three-year school outreach effort to reduce the number of uninsured children. The project will be an extension of CDF’s All Healthy Children campaign and will work with the American Association of School Administrators to urge school districts to develop methods to identify uninsured children (such as including questions on school enrollment forms) and connecting them to coverage through the State Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program.  

  • Action Alert! CDF-CA Calls For Action To Urge Legislators to Protect Coverage for California Children

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    CA: The Children’s Defense Fund – California released a call to action requesting individuals to contact California state legislators and urge them to pass budget proposals that will protect the health care safety net for uninsured children and families, expand Medi-Cal for former foster youth, and provide needed services to autistic children enrolled in Medi-Cal. CDF-CA also provided example tweets for individuals post on Twitter.
  • Action Alert! MomsRising & CA Requested Signatures to Preserve Services in California Healthy Families Transition

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    MomsRising & CA: MomsRising, in collaboration with KidsWell California, released a call to action for individuals to sign a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown requesting that he preserve health benefits for children with autism, specifically Applied Behavioral Analysis, as the state continues to transition children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal.
  • Call to Action! MomsRising Joins California Advocates Urging Governor to Expand Medicaid

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    MomsRising and CA: MomsRising issued a call to action, in collaboration with KidsWell California Advocates, to urge Governor Jerry Brown to support the California Legislature in expanding Medi-Cal.
  • ACA Anniversary Celebration! KidsWell Advocates Blogged to Celebrate the ACA's 3rd Anniversary!

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    MomsRising, CA, MD, NY, TX: MomsRising, Children’s Defense Fund –CA, Children’s Defense Fund – NY, Health Care For All New YorkAdvocates for Children and Youth , and Texas Well and Health, published blog posts in celebration of the Affordable Care Act’s third anniversary. The advocates note that the ACA has and will continue to help Americans access affordable, quality health care.
  • KidsWell California Partners Published a List of Priority Bills to Advocate for Successful Implementation of the ACA

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    CA:  The Children’s Defense Fund – California (CDF-CA), in partnership with 100% Campaign, published a list of priority bills from the 2012 California legislative session to advocate for successful implementation of the ACA and will hold two informational webinars on October 1st and October 2nd.

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