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Texas Well and Healthy is a grassroots, statewide campaign led by KidsWell Partners the Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP), Children’s Defense Fund Texas (CDF-TX), Engage Texas, and Texans Care for Children to ensure Texans have access to affordable, quality health care coverage. Texas Well and Healthy’s work includes providing educational tools on the benefits of the ACA and protecting the state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). See below for more information about Texas Well and Healthy’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

ACA Implementation

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  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Adopting Arkansas’ Private Option for Texas

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about how Arkansas’ Private Option could be used as a model for Texas’ Medicaid expansion. Arkansas’ program premiums have dropped since peaking a year ago and are now below 2015 projected caps.  Many stakeholders in Texas are calling on the State to expand Medicaid and the blog notes that a Private Option-like program could gain traction.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Medicaid Expansion

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the current state of Medicaid expansion proposals as the 2015 state legislative session begins. The blogs notes that the new Governor continues to publically oppose expansion but encourages Texans to continue to apply pressure to state lawmakers.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Calls to Close Coverage Gap

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the recent uptick in editorials calling for Medicaid expansion to cover to the one million Texans who find themselves in the coverage gap. The blog notes that five major editorial boards across the state have called on State leaders to take action post the midterm election. 

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Importance of Financial Assistance

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the importance of financial assistance in helping Texans afford health coverage. The blog notes that 84% of Texans who enrolled in the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM) received financial assistance and paid, on average, $72 per month for insurance, yet 53% of uninsured Americans are unaware that financial help is available through the FFM.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Contradictory ACA Appeals Court Rulings on Subsidies

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the conflicting Halbig v. Burwell and King v. Burwell court rulings on financial subsidies for consumers accessing coverage through state-run Marketplaces. The post reassures readers that financial assistance under the ACA is still available, provides a brief overview of the rulings, and links to additional resources for Texans seeking coverage during open enrollment in November.

  • TWAH Blogged About Post-Open Enrollment Health Coverage

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about opportunities to enroll in health coverage after the March 31st open enrollment deadline.  The blog highlights ways to qualify for health coverage, including: completion of “in line” enrollment by April 15th; special enrollment periods; and Medicaid/CHIP eligibility. 

  • Spread the Word! TWAH Shares Social Media Tools To Promote Open Enrollment Deadline

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) published a blog post featuring sample tweets and images to promote the approaching open enrollment deadline.  These tools are available in both Spanish and English. 

  • TWAH Helps Volunteers Get Trained on Get Covered Training Day

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) will host a statewide “Get Covered Training Day” on February 22, 2014 in an effort to get Texans covered before the March 31st enrollment deadline.  Trainings will run simultaneously across seven cities with the goal of strengthening volunteers’ outreach skills to help educate consumers about their health insurance coverage options. 

  • Close the Coverage Gap! TWAH Launches “Texas Left Me Out” Campaign

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) launched the Texas Left Me Out campaign in both Spanish and English to collect and share stories of Texans left without health insurance coverage due to the state’s decision not to expand Medicaid.  More than 40 national and state organizations sent a letter to Texas’ Legislature announcing the campaign.

  • Count Me In! MomsRising and TWAH Co-Host TweetChat to Launch New Medicaid Expansion Campaign

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    MomsRising & TX: MomsRising and Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) will co-host a TweetChat about Medicaid expansion in Texas on February 5, 2014.  The chat will promote the launch of the Texas Left Me Out organizing project.  Follow the chat on Twitter at @MomsRising via #WellnessWed.

  • Texas Well & Healthy Published Op-Ed on ACA Implementation and Navigators

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    TX: Texas Well & Healthy (TWAH) published an op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman in advance of a Congressional hearing in Dallas focused on ACA implementation and the role of Navigators. The op-ed highlights the moral and economic incentives to maximize children’s enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP. TWAH encouraged state leaders to minimize Navigator program restrictions in order to  decrease the number of uninsured children in the state.
  • KidsWell Texas Responds to Exchange Open Enrollment Kick-Off!!

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWH) held a live tweet chat with Texas health coverage experts and MomsRising to help answer questions about the opening of the new Health Insurance Marketplace. In addition, TWH published a blog post highlighting the open enrollment period and issued a newsletter which included talking points to urge individuals to spread the word about the benefits of the Marketplace.


    The Center for Public Policy Priorities’ (CPPP) Associate Director, Anne Dunkelberg issued a statement highlighting the roll-out of health care reform.  In addition, CPPP’s website now provides links to a number of resources Texans can use to help answer questions they may have regarding health insurance, including the Kaiser Family Foundations Subsidy Calculator that gives personalized estimates of the premium rates and subsidies Texans can expect to see.


    Children’s Defense Fund – Texas featured information as to how individuals can apply for coverage through the Federally-facilitated Exchange on its home page


  • Thanks HHS! TWAH Celebrates Federal Grants Awarded to Navigators

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) issued a statement in celebration of the federal grants awarded to eight Texas navigator organizations. The navigators were chosen to provide in-person assistance to Texans learning about the new health care options and enrolling in health plans through the new health care marketplace that will open on October 1st. 
  • Tell Us What You Think! TWAH Released Survey to Enhance Health Care Advocacy Efforts

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) released a survey to collect feedback and enhance their advocacy and educational efforts around health care reform. The ten question survey focuses on: identifying hot topics among Texas residents; methods, quality, and forms of TWAH communication; and ACA trainings.  



  • TWAH Will Hold Health Care Action Call on Navigators and Federal Funding Opportunity

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) will hold a Health Care Action Call on April 25th - Navigators in Texas: What to Know Now – to discuss the federal funding opportunity for entities interested in becoming Navigators for Partnership Exchanges and the Federally-facilitated Exchange. To receive more information about TWAH’s Health Care Action Calls contact mimi@texaswellandhealthy.org
  • ACA Anniversary Celebration! KidsWell Advocates Blogged to Celebrate the ACA's 3rd Anniversary!

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    MomsRising, CA, MD, NY, TX: MomsRising, Children’s Defense Fund –CA, Children’s Defense Fund – NY, Health Care For All New YorkAdvocates for Children and Youth , and Texas Well and Health, published blog posts in celebration of the Affordable Care Act’s third anniversary. The advocates note that the ACA has and will continue to help Americans access affordable, quality health care.
  • TWAH Issued Newsletters Encouraging Communities to Promote ACA

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) issued a series of newsletters encouraging individuals to spread the word about ACA benefits and contact their state representatives and agencies to inquire about Texas's plans to implement the law.
  • TWH Hosted Educational Webinars on SCOTUS Ruling

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    Texas Well and Healthy (TWH) hosted a series of webinars from July 3rd to July 9th with Community Educator Cheasty Anderson to educate individuals on the Supreme Court decision and how it will impact the law.
  • Texas Well & Healthy Encouraged State Leaders to Implement ACA

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    TWH also worked with 16 local and statewide organizations, including the Children’s Defense Fund and Texas and Center for Public Policy Priorities, challenging elected leaders in Texas to start implementing the ACA to ensure that more children and families have access to coverage.
  • Texas Well & Healthy Released Social Networking Campaigns Promoting the ACA

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    Prior to the decision, Texas Well and Healthy (TWH) released a list of five ways state residents can help spread the word about health care reform in anticipation of the Supreme Court's ruling on the ACA.  Recommended actions included: (1) joining TWH’s mobile text-messaging alert system which will send critical updates to member’s cell phones; (2) signing up to be a social media ambassador by posting to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media sites as soon as the ruling is released; (3) signing up to share experiences through videos and letters-to-the-editors; (4) participating in a rally held in front of the State Capitol the day of the announcement; and (5) encouraging friends and family to become partners in the movement through email, Facebook and Twitter.

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