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Texas Well and Healthy is a grassroots, statewide campaign led by KidsWell Partners the Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP), Children’s Defense Fund Texas (CDF-TX), Engage Texas, and Texans Care for Children to ensure Texans have access to affordable, quality health care coverage. Texas Well and Healthy’s work includes providing educational tools on the benefits of the ACA and protecting the state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). See below for more information about Texas Well and Healthy’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About In-Person Assistance Locations

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about where Texans can go for enrollment assistance ahead of the Open Enrollment Period deadline. The blog lists locations in major cities across the state, as well as available telephone and internet resources, and encourages individuals to contact the organizations to confirm schedules and availability.

  • Texas Well and Healthy To Host Coverage Expansion Day

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    TX: On March 12, 2015, Texas Well and Healthy, as part of the Cover Texas Now! coalition, will host a Coverage Expansion Advocacy Day. The day will help to bring attention for the need to close the coverage gap in Texas to the State Capitol. Registration is available now.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Positive Impact of In-Person Enrollment Assistance

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the efficacy of in-person enrollment assistance and high levels of consumer satisfaction with the process in Texas. The blog provides information about the different types of assistance available, how to find assistance, and how to become an in-person assister.

  • TWAH Promotes Year-Round Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment

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    TX:  Texas Well and Healthy published a blog highlighting year-round Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.  The blog provides promotional resources including a printable outreach poster, an animated web video, and a radio Public Service Announcement available in English and Spanish.
  • TWAH Advocates Medicaid Expansion to Close the Coverage Gap

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    TX: Texas Well And Healthy released a one pager promoting the benefits of Medicaid expansion in Texas.  The flyer highlights that closing the coverage gap will: save local property tax dollars; reduce insurance premiums; create new jobs; prevent employers’ tax penalties; provider coverage for low-wage workers and veterans; prevent deaths; and ensure healthier Texans.   
  • TWAH Blogged About Post-Open Enrollment Health Coverage

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about opportunities to enroll in health coverage after the March 31st open enrollment deadline.  The blog highlights ways to qualify for health coverage, including: completion of “in line” enrollment by April 15th; special enrollment periods; and Medicaid/CHIP eligibility. 

  • Spread the Word! TWAH Shares Social Media Tools To Promote Open Enrollment Deadline

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) published a blog post featuring sample tweets and images to promote the approaching open enrollment deadline.  These tools are available in both Spanish and English. 

  • TWAH Helps Volunteers Get Trained on Get Covered Training Day

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) will host a statewide “Get Covered Training Day” on February 22, 2014 in an effort to get Texans covered before the March 31st enrollment deadline.  Trainings will run simultaneously across seven cities with the goal of strengthening volunteers’ outreach skills to help educate consumers about their health insurance coverage options. 

  • TWAH Launched New Blog Highlighting How Texans are Benefiting from the Federal Exchange

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy released a new Tumblr blog documenting personal stories of Texans who have successfully enrolled in affordable health care through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.
  • KidsWell Texas Responds to Exchange Open Enrollment Kick-Off!!

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWH) held a live tweet chat with Texas health coverage experts and MomsRising to help answer questions about the opening of the new Health Insurance Marketplace. In addition, TWH published a blog post highlighting the open enrollment period and issued a newsletter which included talking points to urge individuals to spread the word about the benefits of the Marketplace.


    The Center for Public Policy Priorities’ (CPPP) Associate Director, Anne Dunkelberg issued a statement highlighting the roll-out of health care reform.  In addition, CPPP’s website now provides links to a number of resources Texans can use to help answer questions they may have regarding health insurance, including the Kaiser Family Foundations Subsidy Calculator that gives personalized estimates of the premium rates and subsidies Texans can expect to see.


    Children’s Defense Fund – Texas featured information as to how individuals can apply for coverage through the Federally-facilitated Exchange on its home page


  • Thanks HHS! TWAH Celebrates Federal Grants Awarded to Navigators

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) issued a statement in celebration of the federal grants awarded to eight Texas navigator organizations. The navigators were chosen to provide in-person assistance to Texans learning about the new health care options and enrolling in health plans through the new health care marketplace that will open on October 1st. 
  • Tell Us What You Think! TWAH Released Survey to Enhance Health Care Advocacy Efforts

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) released a survey to collect feedback and enhance their advocacy and educational efforts around health care reform. The ten question survey focuses on: identifying hot topics among Texas residents; methods, quality, and forms of TWAH communication; and ACA trainings.  



  • Who Supports Medicaid Expansion in Texas? TWAH Released List of Supporting Organizations in the State

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    TX: Progress Texas, in collaboration with Texas Well & Healthy, released a list of over 70 state, commerce, editorial boards, and advocacy organizations that support expanding Medicaid in Texas. In addition, TWAH published various blog posts on Medicaid Expansion including: stories of women who would benefit from the expansion due to job-loss and children’s mental health needs; how over 66,000 uninsured Texas veterans and their spouses would gain coverage under the expansion; an interactive Google Map of Medicaid Expansion supporters throughout Texas; and highlights of various advocacy efforts lobbying the Texas Legislature to support Medicaid Expansion.


  • Call to Action! TWAH Release Sign-on Letter Supporting Medicaid

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy issued a call to action requesting individuals to sign on to a letter urging the state legislature to expand Medicaid to 1.5 million Texans.
  • ACA Anniversary Celebration! KidsWell Advocates Blogged to Celebrate the ACA's 3rd Anniversary!

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    MomsRising, CA, MD, NY, TX: MomsRising, Children’s Defense Fund –CA, Children’s Defense Fund – NY, Health Care For All New YorkAdvocates for Children and Youth , and Texas Well and Health, published blog posts in celebration of the Affordable Care Act’s third anniversary. The advocates note that the ACA has and will continue to help Americans access affordable, quality health care.
  • KidsWell Texas Brings Resources and Training to the Capitol

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    Texas Well and Healthy held two training sessions on Medicaid Expansion and the ACA at the capitol prior to the Texas CHIP Coalition Legislative Briefing. The Coalition’s 2013 legislative briefing agenda and Cover Texas Now Coalition’s principles were also published.
  • Texas Well & Healthy Released a Video on Free Preventative Care Services for Women and Chilren

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    TX: Texas Well & Healthy released a video highlighting free preventative care services for women and children, which is now available with no out of pocket cost as a result of the ACA. 
  • KidsWell Texas Partners Hosted a Conversation on Twitter Following the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates

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    TX: Texans Care for Children, in partnership with First Focus and MomsRising, hosted a conversation on Twitter (#Kids2012) following the October presidential and vice presidential debates. Texas Care for Children also encouraged Texans to “speak up” for children on social media websites, the Texas Care for Children Blog, and in candidate forums.
  • KidsWell Texas Partners Announced a Petition Calling on Legislators to Stop Cutting Funding for Children's Health and Education Programs

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    Texas KidsWell grantees held a press conference, in partnership with the Texas Forward Coalition, to announce a petition that calls on Texas legislators to stop pitting children's health and education program budgets against each other and instead make both programs a priority for the state. In addition, Texas Well and Healthy encouraged Texans to get out and "root" for health care services as the Texas Legislative Budget Board begins to discuss how the state should invest in its health services for the future. TWAH also helped organize a rally and march at the state capital to advocate for protecting funding for Medicaid.
  • TWAH Issued Newsletters Encouraging Communities to Promote ACA

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) issued a series of newsletters encouraging individuals to spread the word about ACA benefits and contact their state representatives and agencies to inquire about Texas's plans to implement the law.

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