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100% Campaign is a collaborative effort of three KidsWell Partners – The Children’s Partnership, Children Now, and Children’s Defense Fund-California. Together, the 100% Campaign is working to ensure every California child has access to health care coverage. For more information about 100% Campaign’s recent activities, advocacy work/tools, and accomplishments see below!

Legislative Advocacy

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  • KidsWell California Released Statement in Response to Budget Omitting Autism Services for Children

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    CA: The Children’s Defense Fund – California, The Children’s Partnership, and Children Now released a statement in response to the budget deal reached by Governor Brown and the legislature which failed to include $50 million in funding for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for children with autism in Medi-Cal. The advocates stated that, due to the decision, hundreds of children with autism will lose access to needed services. “… at a time when the state’s fiscal outlook is improving, it is unjust to pass a budget that continues to deprive children of medically necessary care and causes serious harm to children with autism and their families,” said Jamila Iris Edwards, Northern California Director of Children’s Defense Fund-California. “The State has broken its promise that no child would lose access to critical health care in the Healthy Families transition. The Governor and Legislature must act quickly to remedy the current situation and ensure these children get the services they need to grow up healthy and ready to learn,”.
  • Action Alert! Children Now and 100% Campaign Encourage State Officials to Expand Medicaid

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  • KidsWell Grantees Give California Health Department a C-Minus on Moving Kids to Medi-Cal

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    CA: The KidsWell California Grantees submitted a letter to Cindy Mann, Deputy Administrator of CMS and Director of CMCS, providing a status report on the state’s progress and concerns they have on the transition of beneficiaries from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal. In a press release the grantees gave the California Department of Health Care Services a report card of a C-minus on the progress of the transition. Jenny Kattlove of The Children’s Partnership was featured in a HealthyCal.org article on her research on the Denti-Cal program and the possible dental crisis when an estimated one million children enroll in the program in 2014.
  • Better that Budget! KidsWell California Asked Governor Brown to Allocate More Money in the State Budget to Improving Kids' Health Care

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    CA: In response to Governor Brown’s state budget proposal, California KidsWell Grantees issued a statement urging the governor and state legislature to continue to devote funds to address health care needs of California children. The grantees specifically requested that the state allocate revenue to work towards improving health care for children and to preserve a basic health care safety net for individuals who remain uninsured.
  • KidsWell California Partners Published a List of Priority Bills to Advocate for Successful Implementation of the ACA

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    CA:  The Children’s Defense Fund – California (CDF-CA), in partnership with 100% Campaign, published a list of priority bills from the 2012 California legislative session to advocate for successful implementation of the ACA and will hold two informational webinars on October 1st and October 2nd.

  • 100% Campaign Disappointed with Budget Deal

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    The 100% Campaign and other children and youth advocates issued a press release on June 21, 2012 expressing disappointment with the budget passed by the state legislature. The budget deal would eliminate the Healthy Families Program, California’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and move nearly 900,000 children to Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid agency. While the bill was still under review in the legislature, a coalition of over 40 organizations endorsed and submitted an alternative proposal that would transition a smaller group of children and included protections to improve children’s access to care. However, despite advocates' efforts the budget was signed by the Governor on June 27th.

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