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The mission of the Mississippi Center for Justice is to advance racial and economic justice. The Center carries out its mission through a community lawyering approach that combines legal services with policy advocacy, community education and media advocacy. The Center's campaigns are creating better futures for low-wealth Mississippians and communities of color in the areas of educational opportunity, financial security, access to healthcare and child care, affordable housing and community development. The Center is working toward advancing access to health care through a community approach that combines legal services with policy advocacy, community education, and media advocacy. See below for more information about the Mississippi Center for Justice’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

ACA Implementation

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  • KidsWell MS Grantees Co-Host Healthcare Enrollment Events

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    MS: The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ), Mississippi Human Services Coalition (MHSC), and Children’s Defense Fund—Southern Regional Office (CDF-SRO), in partnership with the Cover Mississippi Coalition, will host five healthcare enrollment events in January to answer questions about the ACA and help residents enroll in coverage. 

  • MCFJ Hosts Healthcare Enrollment Events

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    MS: The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCFJ) worked with the Cover Mississippi Coalition to host 10 healthcare enrollment events on November 21st, 23rd, and 30th to answer questions about the ACA and help residents enroll in coverage.

  • That’s a Rap! MCJ Published a Music Video on Young Adults and the ACA

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    MS: The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ), in collaboration with Students Involved in Community Change, published “ACA Achieve,” a music video featuring young adults who live in Shelby, a small town in the Mississippi Delta. The video highlights their community’s struggles and how the young adults and their families will benefit from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and continued access to health coverage. The video has already received over 2,800 hits on YouTube!
  • MCJ Responds to Exchange Open Enrollment Kick-Off!!

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    MS: The Mississippi Center for Justice’s (MCJ) Facebook page reported that Health Law Director Linda Rigsby was featured as a guest speaker during the Women for Progress of MS luncheon on October 1st. In Ms. Rigsby’s presentation, she shared key provisions of the ACA and the benefits of the Health Insurance Marketplaces. In addition, MCJ reported that it continues to spreading public awareness about the ACA through its membership with Cover Mississippi, a new coalition educating Mississippians about the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • MCJ Hosted Town Hall Meeting to Answer Health Care Coverage Questions

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    MS: The Mississippi Center for Justice joined State Senator Sollie B. Norwood at a Health Care Town Hall meeting on September 19th to answer questions about how individuals may access new health care services starting October 1st.  Senator Norwood sponsored the event to “provide as much information as we can” on the “many services that our residents can access Healthcare professionals and providers from Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center, the state Department of Health, Department of Mental Health, Division of Medicaid, and Community Health Center attended the meeting to discuss their services.
  • Mississippi Center for Justice Released a Video Highlighting ACA Education Efforts

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    MS: Mississippi Center for Justice released a video highlighting their educational and training activities with high school and college students on the ACA.

  • MCFJ Released an Informational Brief on Health Care Reform and the ACA

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    The Mississippi Center For Justice (MCFJ) released an issue brief on the importance of consumer protections in the ACA and common sense steps that may be taken to improve access to care for Mississippi children and families. Key recommendations targeted to Mississippi's decision makers include: (1) designing a simple and consumer-friendly path to health care coverage (e.g., online, in person, telephone and paper enrollment options); (2) developing a robust outreach and education program that targets low-income and minority communities; (3) creating incentives for health plans to participate in Medicaid and the Exchange to ensure that benefits are aligned and continuity of coverage is protected for consumers; (4) eliminating the face-to-face interview requirement for Medicaid enrollment; (5) monitoring private insurers to ensure they eliminate discriminatory practices (e.g., refusing coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions); and (6) ensuring a transparent process through a robust stakeholder process.
  • MCJ Released Toolkit to Educate Students on ACA Training and Outreach Efforts

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    The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ) released a “Train-the-Trainer” toolkit to help students with their training and outreach efforts. Students that attend the MCJ workshops receive the toolkit which consists of a PowerPoint presentation template that they are encouraged to customize, an Affordable Care Act (ACA) fact sheet for Mississippi youth, and a Medicaid brochure on how parents can apply for the state health care benefits.
  • MCJ Held Photo Testimonial Project to Educate Students on ACA's Benefits for Young Adults

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    The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ) held an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Photo Testimonial Project at the Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) in Itta Bena. In conjunction with the MVSU Counseling Center, MCJ created informal activities to educate students about ACA's benefits for young adults. Students participated in “photo testimonials” – documenting visual and written statements describing personal experiences accessing health care. Photos from this event will be posted on YouTube and feature statistical information about young adults and health insurance in the state.
  • CCF and Mississippi Center for Justice Issued Comments on HHS’ 2011 Essential Health Benefit Bulletin

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    The Georgetown Center for Children and Families (CCF) drafted model comments for state and national advocates to work from as they respond to HHS’ December 2011 EHB bulletin. The comments stress the importance of: (1) ensuring children’s needs are taken into account; (2) defining medical necessity to assure children can access EHBs meaningfully and consistently; (3) limiting insurer flexibility; and (4) assuring a transparent process of benchmark selection and updating. The Mississippi Center for Justice based their comments on CCF’s model.

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