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KidsWell Partners represent over 30 state and national children’s advocacy organizations. Our state Partners are active in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Texas!


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The Partners work together to increase access to health insurance coverage and to ensure successful health care reform implementation on behalf of kids and their families.


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  • NHeLP Published E-Newsletter on Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) published the latest issue of Lessons from California, focusing on the ACA’s requirement to implement Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE). As of January 2014, HPE allows uninsured individuals who may be eligible for Medicaid to apply at qualified hospitals and receive benefits for up to two months. In California, individuals were incorrectly being HPE because they were previously eligible for coverage and tax credits through Covered California. As a result of NHeLP and other advocates’ actions, CMS has required the state to submit a mitigation plan by the end of the year and develop a manual work around by April to re-determine eligibility for all those who were incorrectly denied HPE in the past.

  • TCP Blogs about Five Years of the ACA in California

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    CA: The Children’s Partnership (TCP) blogged about the ACA’s impact on coverage in California in honor of the law’s fifth anniversary. Covered California is providing insurance for  1.8 million individuals, including over 100,000 children.   Medi-Cal added 2.7 million enrollees, including over 1 million children. While there is much to celebrate, an estimated 170,000 children in the State still lack insurance due to their immigration status and TCP supports the passage of SB 4, a Bill that would provide health care to all regardless of immigration status.

  • YI Creates Infographic on Need for Pregnancy SEP

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    YI: Young Adults published an infographic about the cost of being uninsured for expectant mothers as part of their push to create a pregnancy-triggered special enrollment period (SEP). The infographic explains that some expectant mothers may still be forced to pay out-of-pocket for health care because they may not have access to health coverage during pregnancy. In 2011, prenatal care and delivery for an uncomplicated birth averaged $20,000.

  • YI and HCFANY Blog About the ACA’s Fifth Anniversary

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    YI, NY: In honor of the ACA’s fifth anniversary, Young Invincibles (YI) and Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) blogged about five ways the ACA has changed health insurance for Millennials and New Yorkers, respectively. YI noted that 5.7 million young adults have gained coverage since the passage of the ACA and HFCANY highlighted that over 2.1 million New Yorkers have enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace since it launched in October 2013.
  • Young Invincibles Continues Push for Access to Year-Round Maternity Care in State, National Media

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) continued their push to make pregnancy a qualifying life event that triggers a special enrollment period. YI’s worked was featured in articles published by the California Healthline and The New Yorker.

  • YI Comments on Special Enrollment Window for Pregnant Women

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) issued a press release after 37 Senators called on the Administration to create a special enrollment period for pregnant women. Christina Postolowski, health policy manager for YI, stated, “We’re thrilled to see a growing chorus of leaders…call on the Administration to make maternity coverage available to pregnant women year-round. It’s unacceptable that pregnant women without maternity coverage could face more than $23,000 in medical costs – or worse, suffer severe health consequences or death.”

  • NCLR Holds Tele-Town Hall Enrollment Event

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    NCLR: The National Council of La Raza held a tele-town hall on February 10th to encourage people to sign up for health coverage prior to the end of the 2015 Open Enrollment Period. The town hall speakers emphasized that financial assistance and in-person help were available across the country.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About In-Person Assistance Locations

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about where Texans can go for enrollment assistance ahead of the Open Enrollment Period deadline. The blog lists locations in major cities across the state, as well as available telephone and internet resources, and encourages individuals to contact the organizations to confirm schedules and availability.

  • Young Invincibles to Hold Valentine’s Day Health Fair

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    YI: Young Invincibles will hold a Valentine’s Day themed health fair at the College of William and Mary on Saturday, February 14th. The fair will provide young adults an opportunity to sign up for insurance and receive in-person assistance before the end of the Open Enrollment Period.

  • NCLR Holds Enrollment Event in Miami

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    NCLR: The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), in partnership with Hispanic Unity of Florida and the National Hispanic Council on Aging, held a free event offering Miami residents information and enrollment resources. Steven Lopez, manager for the NCLR Health Policy Project, stated, “[g]iven the large number of Latinos who lack health insurance and the need to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate in-person assistance, enrollment events like this one are helping to make a difference in families’ lives.”

  • Texans Care for Children Pen Op-Ed About Enrollment Assistance

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    TX: Texans Care for Children wrote an Op-Ed in the Austin American-Statesmen about the importance of enrollment resources and assistance in helping Texans sign up for health coverage. The Op-Ed highlights success stories such as Insure Central Texas, a free enrollment resource provided by Foundation Communities, which has helped over 9,000 individuals enroll in coverage since 2013. The Op-Ed also provides resources for consumers looking for assistance before the February 15th Open Enrollment deadline.

  • The Children’s Partnership Blogs About School Enrollment Efforts

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    CA: The Children’s Partnership blogged about the ALL IN For Health campaign’s efforts to reach families through schools, early learning and care, and after-school sites. The campaign is working with Montebello and Natomas Unified School Districts to enroll families in Covered California and Medi-Cal. The campaign has helped over 70 families enroll in coverage and will continue through the end of the 2015 Open Enrollment Period.

  • HFCANY Blogs About Major Marketplace Milestone

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    NY: Health Care for All New York blogged about Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement that over 2 million New Yorkers have enrolled in the NY State of Health Marketplace. The blog explains that 98%, or 1.8 million, of these new enrollees did not have coverage when they enrolled and, according to a recent survey, 92% of enrollees are satisfied with their health coverage. The blog looks forward to final numbers from the 2015 Open Enrollment Periods.

  • NHeLP Examines California’s Marketplace to Medicaid Transition

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published an issue of Lessons from California examining how Covered California handled newly eligible enrollees transitioning from the Marketplace to Medi-Cal. The brief explains that nearly 30,000 individuals were found newly eligible for Medi-Cal due to decreased projected incomes for 2015. California attempted to make consumers’ transition to Medi-Cal seamless by automatically enrolling them in a Medi-Cal managed care plan as of January 1, 2015. Although this ensured there were no gaps in coverage, the brief is concerned that consumers did not receive sufficient notice of changes. 
  • Young Invincibles Blogs About Open Enrollment Numbers

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    YI: Young Invincibles blogged about HHS’s recent announcement that 7.1 million consumers enrolled in a health plan thus far during the open enrollment period. The blog suggests actual enrollment may be higher than reported due to incomplete state enrollment data and notes that young people are enrolling at a higher rate than in 2014. The blog posits that as the end of open enrollment approaches, outreach will intensify and enrollment numbers will continue to rapidly rise.

  • NHeLP Publishes Lessons From California Focused on State’s Marketplace Renewal Process

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    NHeLP: In this month’s edition of Lessons from California, the National Health Law Program reviews Covered California’s renewal process and how it differs from the FFM renewal process. The newsletter highlights challenges with the renewal process, including limited availability of translated notices for non-English and Spanish speaking populations and coordination between Covered California and Medi-Cal. Despite these challenges, the newsletter predicts most Covered California enrollees will retain coverage with minimal disruption of care in 2015.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Importance of Financial Assistance

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the importance of financial assistance in helping Texans afford health coverage. The blog notes that 84% of Texans who enrolled in the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM) received financial assistance and paid, on average, $72 per month for insurance, yet 53% of uninsured Americans are unaware that financial help is available through the FFM.

  • KidsWell Partners Urge Texas Lawmakers to Promote ACA Coverage Options

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    NCLR, YI, TX: KidsWell grantees National Council of La Raza,  Young Invincibles, Texans Care for Children, Children’s Defense Fund-Texas, and the Center for Public Policy Priorities wrote a letter to Texas State Representatives and Senators promoting health coverage options available to their constituents under the ACA. The letter, co- signed by 19 national and local advocacy organizations, provides key talking points that legislators may share with constituents as 2015 open enrollment approaches.

  • NHeLP Supports Federal Court Ruling on Tennessee Medicaid Lawsuit

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) issued a press release supporting a federal judge’s decision ordering Tennessee to provide hearings to residents whose Medicaid applications have been unreasonably delayed and certifying the litigation as a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit, originally filed by NHeLP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Tennessee Justice Center, alleges that Tennessee makes it unnecessarily difficult to apply for Medicaid Coverage. Elizabeth Edwards, staff attorney at NHeLP, stated, “We are pleased that Judge Campbell recognized this as a statewide problem. The law requires Medicaid applications to be processed promptly because low-income individuals and people with disabilities often have a brutal need for health care that, without TennCare coverage, they will be unable to afford.”

  • California KidsWell Partners Advocate to Help Children and Families Maintain Medi-Cal Coverage

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    CA: KidsWell grantees, Children Now, PICO California, The Children’s Partnership, and Children’s Defense Fund – California, joined the California Coverage & Health Initiatives and the United Way of California on a statement advocating for Senate Bill (SB) 18. SB 18 would require the state to accept private foundation funds and matching federal funds to help children and families maintain their Medi-Cal coverage. The California Endowment has already offered $6 million which, should the bill become law, would be matched by $6 million in federal funds. The bill was passed by the Appropriations Committee and will now head to the Assembly floor.

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Today’s #KidsFact: The percentage of children without health insurance decreased from 10% in 2008 to only 7% in 2011! Check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2013 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, released in partnership with Children Now here: http://bit.ly/1fhaDoV!