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Who are the KidsWell Partners?

KidsWell Partners represent over 30 state and national children’s advocacy organizations. Our state Partners are active in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Texas!


What are they working towards?

The Partners work together to increase access to health insurance coverage and to ensure successful health care reform implementation on behalf of kids and their families.


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  • YI and HCFANY Blog About the ACA’s Fifth Anniversary

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    YI, NY: In honor of the ACA’s fifth anniversary, Young Invincibles (YI) and Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) blogged about five ways the ACA has changed health insurance for Millennials and New Yorkers, respectively. YI noted that 5.7 million young adults have gained coverage since the passage of the ACA and HFCANY highlighted that over 2.1 million New Yorkers have enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace since it launched in October 2013.
  • KidsWell Partners Host CHIP Call

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    First Focus, MomsRising, YI: KidsWell Partners First Focus, MomsRising, and Young Invincibles invited members to join a call to discuss the future of CHIP. The call was led by policy and advocacy experts and explored the program’s background, what is at stake if the program is not extended, and how individuals can take action to advocate for the program’s extension.

  • Young Invincibles to Hold Valentine’s Day Health Fair

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    YI: Young Invincibles will hold a Valentine’s Day themed health fair at the College of William and Mary on Saturday, February 14th. The fair will provide young adults an opportunity to sign up for insurance and receive in-person assistance before the end of the Open Enrollment Period.

  • KidsWell Partners Respond to President’s Budget

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    CDF, MomsRising, NCLR, YI: Children’s Defense Fund issued a press release about President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal. The press release discusses a number of proposed expanded investments that would benefit children and families, including four additional years of funding for CHIP. Other KidsWell partners also weighed in on the President’s budget: MomsRising blogged about the budget, Young Invincibles published a fact sheet, and National Council of La Raza issued a press release.

  • YI Blogs About Millennial Enrollment Efforts

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    YI: Young Invincibles blogged about outside-of-the-box efforts to educate young adults about, and enroll them in, health coverage. The blog highlights rates to date with 26% of this year’s enrollees are between ages 18 and 34. The blog also discusses the approximately 200 events that will occur this week in a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day.

  • YI Announces Countdown to National Youth Enrollment Day Events

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    YI: Young Invincibles announced two events to be held on January 24, 2015 as a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day. The first event, in Houston, Texas, will be held in partnership with the Enroll Gulf Coast Collaborative and Get Covered America. The second event, a community health fair in Chicago, Illinois, will be held in partnership with the Allied Health Program of Kevlyn Park High School and Illinois

    Rep. Will Guzzardi. Both events will aim to educate young adults about new health coverage options available to them under the ACA.

  • Young Invincibles Blogs About Open Enrollment Numbers

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    YI: Young Invincibles blogged about HHS’s recent announcement that 7.1 million consumers enrolled in a health plan thus far during the open enrollment period. The blog suggests actual enrollment may be higher than reported due to incomplete state enrollment data and notes that young people are enrolling at a higher rate than in 2014. The blog posits that as the end of open enrollment approaches, outreach will intensify and enrollment numbers will continue to rapidly rise.

  • SCAA Writes About Medicaid Coverage for Foster Care Children

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA) published a President’s Corner post highlighting the ACA provision that extends Medicaid coverage to foster youth until age 26, regardless of income. The provision went into effect in January 2014 and offers health insurance to more than 20,000 youth who age out of foster care nation-wide each year. The post notes that the SCAA is working to spread awareness of this provision.

  • YI Issues Press Release on Young Californian Immigrants Excluded from ACA Benefits

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) issued a press release in advance of President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration emphasizing the importance of health insurance to both young Californian immigrants and the state’s economy. Linda Leu, California policy and research director for YI, stated, “This Open Enrollment season, [YI] will continue working with Governor Brown and state legislative leaders to move forward with expanding coverage for all Californians, so that our state can continue to lead the way on health care reform.”

  • KidsWell Partners Call on Florida to Expand Medicaid and Close the Coverage Gap

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    Young Invincibles, FL: Young Invincibles and Florida CHAIN held a press conference and blogged about a new brief examining the impact of Florida’s decision not to expand Medicaid on young Floridians. According to the brief, more than one third of the 918,000 Floridians who are in the coverage gap are young adults.

  • YI Announces ACA Enrollment College Tour

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    YI: Young Invincibles and the NAACP announced the Get H.Y.P.E. (Healthy Young People Everywhere) College Tour will host three special events at the University of Houston to empower students to get serious about their own health and enroll in the Marketplace. The announcement notes the Tour will feature fun activities, a press conference, and a Town Hall focused on the most pressing problems facing young people today.

  • Young Invincibles Releases California-Specific Health Coverage Renewal Infographic

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an infographic outlining the steps needed to renew and ensure health coverage for 2015 in California. The infographic includes step-by-step instructions, facts, and important contact information.

  • Young Invincibles Releases Health Coverage Renewal Infographic

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an infographic outlining the steps needed to renew health coverage and ensure coverage for 2015. The infographic includes step-by-step instructions, facts, and important contact information.

  • NHeLP Publishes E-Newsletter Advocating for Age-Appropriate Sex Education

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published an e-newsletter exploring how medical screenings through the Early and Period Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit could and should include sexuality education from infancy through age 20. The e-newsletter recognizes EPSDT as an opportunity for children to receive sexuality education along with comprehensive health screenings.

  • KidsWell Partners to Host New York Health Coverage Disparities Discussion

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    YI, NY: Young Invincibles and Children’s Defense Fund – New York will host a discussion on ACA implementation, its impact on young New Yorkers, and how new options for health coverage can eliminate disparities in marginalized communities on October 20th. Registration is available now.

  • YI Highlights Drop in Uninsured Rate Among Young Adults

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) issued a press release on  U.S. Census Bureau data which shows  an increase of 4 million 18 and 34 years old who gained coverage from 2009 to 2013. During the same time period, the uninsured rate of young adults fell from 28.1% to 25.2%. The release notes that these numbers may actually be higher because they do not account for the 1.7 million young people who enrolled in health coverage via the Marketplaces in 2014. Tom Allison, policy and research managed for YI stated, “Considering that this data doesn’t even account for Open Enrollment sign-ups, we think these new numbers just scratch the surface of the positive young adult enrollment trends we expect to see.”

  • CSS Issues Press Release on Child Health Plus

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    NY: The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) issued a press release reminding parents they can enroll children and teens in Child Health Plus (CHP), a health insurance plan operated by the State, throughout the year.  The release encourages parents to enroll their children at the start of the new school year. CSS is offering free enrollment assistance throughout the state.

  • YI Testifies in Support of Medicaid Expansion in Texas

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    YI: Young Invincibles testified before the Texas Committee on Health and Human Services to advocate for Medicaid expansion. Rebecca Fowler, a fellow at Young Invincibles, discussed how the State’s decision not to expand the Medicaid program adversely impacts over one million uninsured young adults in Texas. Ms. Fowler stated, “…I can tell you that the students I’ve met while touring community colleges in the Houston area would likely have to leave school if they got a big doctor’s bill. Texas can’t afford to let them grow up unable to get the skills needed for today’s jobs.”

  • YI Hosts Webinar on Young Adult Enrollment Best Practices

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) hosted a webinar on strategies to engage and enroll young adults in health coverage. The webinar identified effective outreach tactics, shared best practices, and discussed strategies and timelines for the upcoming open enrollment period. YI estimates that its Healthy Young American trainings directly reached more than 20,000 young adults and indirectly reached more than 1 million young adults.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Contradictory ACA Appeals Court Rulings on Subsidies

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the conflicting Halbig v. Burwell and King v. Burwell court rulings on financial subsidies for consumers accessing coverage through state-run Marketplaces. The post reassures readers that financial assistance under the ACA is still available, provides a brief overview of the rulings, and links to additional resources for Texans seeking coverage during open enrollment in November.

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Today’s #KidsFact: The percentage of children without health insurance decreased from 10% in 2008 to only 7% in 2011! Check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2013 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, released in partnership with Children Now here: http://bit.ly/1fhaDoV!