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Who are the KidsWell Partners?

KidsWell Partners represent over 30 state and national children’s advocacy organizations. Our state Partners are active in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Texas!


What are they working towards?

The Partners work together to increase access to health insurance coverage and to ensure successful health care reform implementation on behalf of kids and their families.


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Filter information by topic or by Partner to get news and tools from the KidsWell Partners. From Medicaid to Navigators, and from Action Alerts to Webinars, this Hub gives you the latest scoop on children’s advocacy and health care!


  • HFCANY Testifies at State Budget Hearing

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    NY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) submitted testimony to the New York Senate and Assembly fiscal committees during the Health/Medicaid budget hearing. The testimony explains HCFANY’s general support for the Governor’s proposed budget, but opposes allowing extra time for hospitals to adjust to indigent care funding requirements and eliminating prescriber prevails and spousal refusal. The testimony also urges the Legislature to allow for expansions in Medicaid coverage beyond the global cap and increase consumer engagement in the development of a value-based payment system.

  • ACY Updates 2015 Health Priorities

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    MD: Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY) released their 2015 policy priorities across a number of issue areas. ACY’s health priorities focus on Medicaid dental benefits, better connecting foster youth with Medicaid, and increasing health literacy among vulnerable populations.
  • SCAA Writes About Medicaid Coverage for Foster Care Children

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA) published a President’s Corner post highlighting the ACA provision that extends Medicaid coverage to foster youth until age 26, regardless of income. The provision went into effect in January 2014 and offers health insurance to more than 20,000 youth who age out of foster care nation-wide each year. The post notes that the SCAA is working to spread awareness of this provision.

  • TCP Joins in Launch of New Program for Foster Youth in Ventura County

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    CA: The Children’s Partnership (TCP), alongside public and private partners,launched the Ventura County Foster Health Link to help coordinate health care information for foster care youth in Ventura County through information technology. The program will allow foster parents, health care providers, and caseworkers to electronically access a specific child’s health information via a secure web-based system.  Wendy Lazarus, founder and co-president of TCP, stated, “This project is a powerful example of how technical innovation, combined with knowledge of children's needs, can lead to stronger support for kids.”
  • Children Now Highlights Former Foster Youth Medi-Cal Enrollment Stories

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    CA: Children Now released videos highlighting the experiences of former foster youth enrolling in Medi-Cal.  

  • Children Now Released Medi-Cal PSA for Former Foster Youth

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    CA: Children Now released a YouTube Public Service Announcement to promote Medi-Cal coverage for former foster youth.

  • ACY Highlights Health Care Needs of Former Foster Care Youth

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    MD:  Advocates for Children & Youth (ACY) released an issue brief about the health care needs of former foster care youth.  As part of its efforts to educate former foster care youth about Medicaid coverage available to them under the ACA, ACY partnered with community organizations to: conduct “train the trainer” sessions for social workers and other providers; developed quick-reference information cards for providers and young adults; and developed a song promoting health coverage for former foster youth. 

  • SCAA Compares NY’s Executive and Legislative Budgets

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    NY: The Schulyer Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA) released a news blast comparing New York’s Executive and Legislative budget proposals against SCAA’s policy priorities.  

  • NHeLP Examines California’s Approach to Extend Medi-Cal Coverage to Former Foster Youth

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) published a fact sheet highlighting California’s strategies to extend Medi-Cal coverage to former foster youth and its decision to cover former foster youth from other states.

  • SCAA Releases Toolkit with Former Foster Care Youth Resources

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA) released a toolkit with resources for enrolling former foster care youth in health coverage.  The toolkit, which includes presentations, FAQs, a fact sheet, and newsletter article templates, is intended to educate stakeholders about the former foster care youth provision; explain how the provision is being implemented in New York; and encourage outreach to eligible youth.

  • Children Now To Host Webinar on Former Foster Youth in Medi-Cal

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    CA: Children Now will host a webinar on February 27, 2014 to discuss Medi-Cal coverage until age 26 for former foster care youth.  Registration is available now. 

  • SCAA Releases Brief Highlighting Intersection of Priorities and NY Budget

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Advocacy and Analysis (SCAA) released a news blast reviewing  the intersection of Governor Cuomo’s 2014-2015 budget proposal and SCAA’s policy priorities. The analysis highlights the budget’s inclusion of the following health initiatives: language authorizing the Basic Health Program; protections against out-of-network medical bills; and funding for consumer assistance and the transition of foster care youth to Medicaid managed care, among other areas. 

  • Texans Care for Children Hosts Children's Policy Conference

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    TX: Texans Care for Children will host the 2014 Children’s Policy Conference & Founder’s Award Luncheon on February 26th.  The event will convene Texas advocates and business and community leaders to discuss the health challenges facing children in the state. Regular registration ends January 15th and the conference agenda is available now.

  • Am I Eligible? Children Now Conducts Outreach to Former Foster Care Youth

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    CA:  Children Now released a stakeholder factsheet and youth flyer  to help former foster care youth learn about Medi-Cal.  In January 2014, the Coveredtil26 website will launch to provide enrollment information, resources for enrollment assistance, FAQs and other outreach materials.
  • KidsWell NY Held Children, Youth & Families Task Force December Meeting

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    NY: The Children, Youth and Families Task Force, organized by KidsWell New York, held a meeting on December 11th to review an update on the state’s implementation activities. The meeting discussed public programs and the transition to the Marketplace, the continuum of coverage for low-income families,and school-based health centers.  

  • Texans Care for Children 2014 Children's Policy Conference & Founder’s Award Luncheon Announced

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    TX: Texans Care for Children will hold the 2014 Children’s Policy Conference & Founder’s Award Luncheon on February 26th. The event will convene Texas advocates and business and community leaders to discuss the health challenges that children face in the state. Registration and the conference agenda are available now. 

  • Webinar Alert! SCAA to Host Webinar on Outreach Strategies for Former Foster Care Youth

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA) will host a webinar on November 20th on effective outreach and engagement strategies to educate former foster youth about coverage options under the ACA.
  • Children Now Presented on the ACA at California Chicano News Media Association Luncheon

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    CA: Mike Odeh and Fatima Morales of Children Now presented to young journalism students, recent college graduates, and media freelancers and recruiters about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the California Chicano News Media Association luncheon. The presentation provided an overview of the ACA, with a focus on California’s progress implementing the ACA and coverage options for youth and young adults, including former foster youth.
  • SCAA Held Webinar on New Insurance Options for Foster Care Youth

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA), in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health and the Office of Children and Family Services, held a webinar on October 28th to review the new health insurance options for foster care youth beginning on January 1, 2014. The webinar specifically focused on the provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which allows youth who left foster care at age 18 or older to enroll in and receive Medicaid coverage until age 26, regardless of income. Access to health and mental health services is critical for youth transitioning out of the foster care system and SCAA is working to inform stakeholders about the provision.  
  • CCF Published Post on Final Medicaid, CHIP, and Exchange Rule, Highlighting Income Verification Requirement

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    CCF: Georgetown Center for Children and Families (CCF) Say Ahhh! Blog published a post regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) final rule on Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Exchanges. The blog notes that four of the eight priority issues identified in CCF’s comments on the proposed rule were addressed in the final rule. CCF was pleased to see HHS is working with states to identify alternative strategies if states are not ready to implement a single streamlined application by open enrollment on October 1st CCF also was glad that the final rule formalized a new certification application counselor program for Medicaid and CHIP, strengthened the cost-effective test, and reaffirmed that participation in premium assistance is voluntary. However, CCF noted that HHS missed an opportunity to eliminate CHIP waiting periods and hopes that HHS will release additional final regulations on this and other issues not addressed in the final rule, including: first year coverage for infants, coverage for former foster children up to age 26, simplification of paper based-documentation of citizenship verification, and a more comprehensive definition of “lawfully present.”

    CCF also published a blog post explaining the final rule’s income verification language  that was misinterpreted by the media. CCF confirmed that all Exchanges will be required to verify applicants’ reported income to confirm their eligibility for insurance affordability programs. However, if the applicant’s reported income is significantly lower than what is reported in their tax return and if no additional electronic sources of income data are available to confirm the reported amount, State-based Exchanges have the option in 2014 to accept the income level reported by the applicant. If the State-based Exchange elects to use this option it must implement random sampling of applicants to ensure that relying on applicant’s attested income is reliable.

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Today’s #KidsFact: The percentage of children without health insurance decreased from 10% in 2008 to only 7% in 2011! Check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2013 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, released in partnership with Children Now here: http://bit.ly/1fhaDoV!