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Who are the KidsWell Partners?

KidsWell Partners represent over 30 state and national children’s advocacy organizations. Our state Partners are active in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Texas!


What are they working towards?

The Partners work together to increase access to health insurance coverage and to ensure successful health care reform implementation on behalf of kids and their families.


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  • KidsWell Partners Respond to MACPAC Request on Future of Children’s Health Coverage

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    CCF, CDF, First Focus, NHeLP, CA: 49 groups, including KidsWell Partners Children’s Defense Fund, The Children’s Partnership, First Focus, the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, and the National Health Law Program, responded to a MACPAC request about how to improve Marketplace coverage for children. The letter advocates for the Commission to recognize the foundational role of Medicaid and CHIP and discusses: affordability of coverage; adequacy of covered benefits; network adequacy; and transitions between Medicaid, CHIP, Marketplaces, and employer sponsored insurance.

  • Florida CHAIN Organizes Coverage Gap Rally

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    FL: Florida CHAIN organized a “Healthcare for the Holidays” rally bringing attention to Floridians who still lack health coverage. The December 18th rally included dozens of large photographs of uninsured Floridians and a collection of over 60 full page photographs of those stuck in the coverage gap.

  • NHeLP Comments on HHS Proposed Rule

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Review Program (NHeLP) submitted comments to HHS on the proposed rule “Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2016.” The proposed rule  outlines changes to annual and special enrollment periods, essential health benefits, consumer assistance, and network adequacy. NHeLP’s comments support many of the proposed rule’s provisions that would improve access to coverage for vulnerable individuals and make recommendations on how to improve the rule.

  • NCLR Highlights What Immigrant Families Should Know about ACA Enrollment

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    NCLR: The National Council of La Raza blogged about five things that immigrant and mixed-status families should know about ACA enrollment. The blog reinforces that immigration information provided on the enrollment application will not be used for immigration enforcement purposes and points readers to where they can access in-person assistance before the February 15th deadline to sign up for coverage.

  • HCFANY Announces 2015 Annual Meeting

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    NY: Health Care For All New York announced it will hold its Annual Meeting on January 9th in Albany. The meeting will highlight successes from the year past and strategies for 2015. Registration is available now.

  • SCAA To Host Annual Policy Forum on Income Inequality

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy will host its Annual Policy Forum on January 13th. The forum will focus on confronting income inequality and feature the mayors of Ithaca, Albany, and Rochester as keynote speakers. Registration is available now.

  • Texans Care for Children Publishes Op-Ed in the Austin American-Statesman

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    TX: Alice Bufkin, early opportunities policy associate for Texans Care for Children, published an Op-Ed in the Austin American-Statesman calling on the Texas legislature to extend funding for the Early Childhood Interventions (ECI) program. The ECI program provides support services to families with young children with disabilities and developmental delays. The Op-Ed explains that without proper funding for the program, more children will be denied access to services.

  • Children Now Works with San Jose Mercury News Staff to Publish CHIP Editorial

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    CA: Children Now worked with San Jose Mercury News staff to publish an editorial on CHIP. The editorial calls on Congress to consider the health of more than 6.6 million children and extend funding for the program as soon as possible.

  • Children Now Participates In MACPAC Expert Roundtable

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    CA: Mike Odeh, associate director of health policy for Children Now, was one of 15 invited participants at an expert roundtable on pediatric provider network adequacy hosted by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment Advisory Commission (MACPAC). Conversations from the December 1st event will help inform MACPAC as it considers CHIP’s future and how qualified health plans (QHPs) may provide children with adequate access to care. Mr. Odeh was the only consumer advocate representative on the roundtable.

  • NHeLP Publishes Comparison of Medi-Cal and Covered California Benefits

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published a fact sheet comparing Medi-Cal benefits to Covered California’s essential health benefits (EHBs). The fact sheet provides an overview of services covered by each program, a list of differences, and considerations to keep in mind when comparing benefits.

  • NHeLP Publishes Q& A on Relatives as Paid Providers

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    NHeLP: The National Health Law Program published a Q&A about a federal program that allows states to pay adults who are legally responsible for children or other relatives for providing Medicaid-funded home and community-based services. The Q&A also discusses different options available to states and existing case law.

  • CCF Summarizes Governor’s Letters on Future of CHIP

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    CCF: The Georgetown Center for Children and Families published a summary of governors’ responses to a Congressional inquiry about the future of CHIP. Congress asked the governors about their support for extending CHIP funding and for recommendations to improve the program and children’s coverage. To date, 40 governors have responded to Congress’ inquiry.

  • HCFANY Releases Story Booklet Highlighting ACA Open Enrollment Successes

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    NY: Health Care for All New York released a booklet of stories from real New Yorkers on how the ACA has positively impacted their lives. The booklet features 12 stories from individuals across New York who enrolled in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Medicaid, CHIP, and small business plans during the first Open Enrollment Period.

  • TCP Blogs About ALL IN For Health Campaign

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    CA: The Children’s Partnership provided an update on their ALL IN For Health Campaign after the first few weeks of open enrollment. The update features background on the campaign and materials that encourage people to sign up for health coverage, including an infographic.

  • KidsWell Partners Report and Comment on California’s Health for All Act

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    NAM, YI, CA: New American Media reported on the reintroduction of SB 4, the Health for All Act, which would guarantee all Californians access to health care, regardless of immigration status. California KidsWell partners Children Now, Children’s Defense Fund-California, PICO California, The Children’s Partnership, and Young Invincibles, signed onto a statement with other Californian advocacy groups praising Senator Lara’s actions. In addition, The Children’s Partnership issued a statement in which founder and co-president Wendy Lazarus stated, “[w]e stand with Senator Ricardo Lara and our partners to expand access to health coverage for all Californians, regardless of immigration status, in the coming year.”

  • CDF-NY Blogs About Hispanic Children in New York for HCFANY

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    CCF, NY: Lorraine Gonzalez-Camastra, director of health policy for Children’s Defense Fund-NY, blogged about Hispanic children in New York. The blog discusses findings from the Georgetown Center for Children and Families’ report on health coverage for Hispanics and the impact that a recent surge in unaccompanied immigrant minors might have on uninsured rates. The blog urges city and state officials to implement social service policies that are user-friendly for children and families, especially new immigrants.

  • MomsRising to Deliver Giant Thank You to Pittsburgh Mayor

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    MomsRising: Pittsburgh MomsRising volunteers are delivering a giant thank you card to Mayor Peduto in appreciation of his administration’s work to reduce the number of uninsured children and their families.  MomsRising is asking for those interested to sign the card by December 9th.

  • Texas Well and Healthy Blogs About Calls to Close Coverage Gap

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    TX: Texas Well and Healthy blogged about the recent uptick in editorials calling for Medicaid expansion to cover to the one million Texans who find themselves in the coverage gap. The blog notes that five major editorial boards across the state have called on State leaders to take action post the midterm election. 

  • Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition Announces New ACA Enrollment Ad Campaign

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    MD: The Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition issued a media advisory announcing a new radio ad campaign to encourage people to enroll in health care coverage. The campaign will run in English and Spanish and feature Adrian Marin, star player of the Frederick Keys minor league baseball team.

  • NASHP to Host 2015 Open Enrollment Period Webinar

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    NASHP: On December 17th, The National Academy for State Health Policy will host a webinar on early experiences of states during the 2015 Open Enrollment Period. The webinar will be moderated by Jennifer Sullivan of Enroll America and will highlight states’ strategies and challenges and feature panelists from Idaho and Oklahoma. Registration is available now.

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Today’s #KidsFact: The percentage of children without health insurance decreased from 10% in 2008 to only 7% in 2011! Check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2013 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, released in partnership with Children Now here: http://bit.ly/1fhaDoV!