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New America Media is the country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations and is dedicated to developing multimedia content to better inform communities and influence policy makers. As part of the national KidsWell initiative, New America Media is working with KidsWell Partners to organize local ethnic media roundtables to provide information on the benefits of the ACA for children and families. See below more information about New America Media’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

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  • NAM and Texans Care for Children to Host Media Roundtable on Children’s Mental Health Care

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    NAM & TX: On March 12th, New American Media and Texans Care for Children will host a media roundtable about children’s mental health care in Houston. Representatives from the Mental Health Authority of Harris County and Texans Care for Children are scheduled to speak. Registration is available now.

  • New America Media Writes About Lack of Awareness of Florida’s CHIP Program

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    NAM: New America Media published an article about parents’ lack of awareness of KidsCare, Florida’s CHIP program. The article explains that although KidsCare covers about 2 million children in Florida, many families are completely unaware of the program. The article encourages people to call United Way’s 2-1-1 call center if they have questions about the program or enrollment.

  • KidsWell Partners Report and Comment on California’s Health for All Act

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    NAM, YI, CA: New American Media reported on the reintroduction of SB 4, the Health for All Act, which would guarantee all Californians access to health care, regardless of immigration status. California KidsWell partners Children Now, Children’s Defense Fund-California, PICO California, The Children’s Partnership, and Young Invincibles, signed onto a statement with other Californian advocacy groups praising Senator Lara’s actions. In addition, The Children’s Partnership issued a statement in which founder and co-president Wendy Lazarus stated, “[w]e stand with Senator Ricardo Lara and our partners to expand access to health coverage for all Californians, regardless of immigration status, in the coming year.”

  • NAM Posts Q&A on Uninsured Hispanic Children Report

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    NAM, CCF: New American Media posted a Q&A with Sonya Schwartz, author of a study released by the Georgetown Center for Children and Families on the state of health coverage for Hispanic children. The Q&A covers: background issues; the large uninsured Hispanic child population in Texas; the future of children’s health programs; and available resources to families applying for coverage.

  • KidsWell Partners Publish Q&A About CHIP Renewal

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    First Focus, NAM: New American Media published a Q&A with Ed Walz, vice president of First Focus, about the future of CHIP and the likelihood of Congress acting to renew funding for the program. The Q&A provides background on the program, how it differs from ACA-provided coverage, and the consequences of failing to renew the program.

  • Children Now, NAM and TCP Advocate for CA’s Health For All Act

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    CA & NAM: Children Now joined advocates in Sacramento, California for a rally and Senate Health Committee (SHC) hearing on the Health For All Act (SB 1005), which would ensure access to health coverage for all California children and families (including undocumented residents).  New America Media published an article chronicling the legislation’s potential impact.  The  Act passed the SHC with a 6-1 vote and now moves to the appropriations committee.  Wendy Lazarus, founder and co-president of The Children’s Partnership, issued a statement commending the SHC’s vote. 

  • NAM Publishes Articles Highlighting Medi-Cal

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    NAM: New American Media (NAM) published two articles on Medi-Cal: one article promotes   expedited Medi-Cal enrollment for participants in CalFresh (SNAP), and the second article spotlights stories of young adults who have new access to mental health services due to Medi-Cal expansion.  As part of the #FeelBetter campaign launch, NAM also released videos of youth sharing their stories about depression. 

  • NAM Published Articles on How ACA Affects Immigrants and the Uninsured

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    NAM: New America Media recently published three articles on how the ACA affects immigrants, specifically undocumented parents with U.S. born childrenDeferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program recipients and uninsured children. The articles include personal stories highlighting struggles in obtaining health insurance and how the ACA will help them gain access to coverage.
  • New America Media Published Article on ACA and Youth Coverage Gap

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    NAM: New America Media (NAM) published an article on a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ report highlighting that over 4 million uninsured adolescents will be eligible for coverage beginning January 1st – many of them Latino and African American.  NAM notes this is due to a number of provisions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including that all states are required cover children ages 6-18 in families with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level. Prior to the ACA, the national minimum eligibly level was 100%.
  • NAM Interviewed CCF on How ACA will affect Access to Pediatric Dental Benefits

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    NAM: New America Media (NAM) interviewed Joe Touschner, Senior Health Policy Analyst at the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, about how the ACA will affect children and families’ access to pediatric dental benefits. Mr. Touschner discussed how the ACA made pediatric dental services part of the Essential Health Benefits that must be covered by individual and small group plans and that families without pediatric dental coverage may access stand-alone dental plans through the Exchanges. Additionally, Mr. Touschner spoke to concerns around maintaining access to pediatric benefits for California children being transferred from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal.
  • NAM Held ACA Round Tables with Ethnic Media in Maryland

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    NAM & MD: As part of New America Media ethnic media press briefing series, a roundtable was held in Baltimore on March 14th in collaboration with the KidsWell Maryland grantees. For more information on the roundtables please visit New America Media’s Movement to Expand Health Care Access webpage.
  • Get the Scoop! NAM Held ACA Round Tables with Ethnic Media in New Mexico, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida

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    New America Media, MS, TX, & FL: As part of New America Media’s ethnic media press briefing series, a video was published on the roundtable session that was held in collaboration with the KidsWell New Mexico Grantees. MomsRising also published a blog post on New Mexico’s roundtable highlighting some of the challenges that were discussed and agreed upon by the panelists. New America Media also held ethnic media roundtables in Mississippi, Texas, and Florida (video to be released soon!) in collaboration with the KidsWell Grantees in February and an additional roundtable will be held in Maryland on March 14th. For more information on these roundtables please visit New America Media’s Movement to Expand Health Care Access webpage.

  • NM's Take at What's at Stake: Find Out What Parents and Advocates Need to Know about Health Reform in New Mexico

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    New America Media & NM: New America Media and The New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty held an ethnic media roundtable session on January 18th to discuss how the ACA works to expand coverage, what is at stake when implementing the ACA in New Mexico, how to access coverage for children, and how to advocate for health care reform.
  • New America Media Featured Story of a Young Adult Able to Remain on Parents' Plan and Receive Care

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    New America Media: New America Media published a story about a young adult who was able to receive care due to her being able to stay on her parents’ insurance plan.
  • New America Media Published an Article Highlighting Gaps between the Presidential Candidates' Health Plans for Ethnic Communities

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    New America Media: New America Media published an article following the first presidential debate highlighting gaps between candidates’ health plans for ethnic communities.

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