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New America Media is the country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations and is dedicated to developing multimedia content to better inform communities and influence policy makers. As part of the national KidsWell initiative, New America Media is working with KidsWell Partners to organize local ethnic media roundtables to provide information on the benefits of the ACA for children and families. See below more information about New America Media’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • NAM Article Highlights Mental Health Needs Among NY’s Asian Americans

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    NAM & NY: New America Media published an article about mental health needs among New York’s Asian American community, highlighting the ACA’s expansion of mental health benefits.  Regarding the importance of expanded access to mental health services, Andrew Leonard, senior health policy associate for the Children’s Defense Fund—New York, noted that “the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community, historically, has had a lot higher rate of uninsured individuals as compared to the general population.”  Leonard also noted that an additional 20,000 Asian American children in New York City will gain coverage under the ACA, and by 2016, he estimated that over 2 million nationally would have access to care.
  • NAM Interviewed CCF on How ACA will affect Access to Pediatric Dental Benefits

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    NAM: New America Media (NAM) interviewed Joe Touschner, Senior Health Policy Analyst at the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, about how the ACA will affect children and families’ access to pediatric dental benefits. Mr. Touschner discussed how the ACA made pediatric dental services part of the Essential Health Benefits that must be covered by individual and small group plans and that families without pediatric dental coverage may access stand-alone dental plans through the Exchanges. Additionally, Mr. Touschner spoke to concerns around maintaining access to pediatric benefits for California children being transferred from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal.
  • NAM Held ACA Round Tables with Ethnic Media in Maryland

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    NAM & MD: As part of New America Media ethnic media press briefing series, a roundtable was held in Baltimore on March 14th in collaboration with the KidsWell Maryland grantees. For more information on the roundtables please visit New America Media’s Movement to Expand Health Care Access webpage.

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