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Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) is a statewide coalition of more than 115 organizations dedicated to winning affordable, comprehensive, and high quality health care for all New Yorkers. HCFANY works to bring consumer voices to the policy conversation, ensuring that real consumer concerns are reflected. HCFANY also provides expert policy analysis, advocacy, and education on important health reform issues and policies that affect New Yorkers around the state. KidsWell Partners CSS, CDF-NY, and SCAA serve on the HCFANY Steering Committee and both CSS and CDF-NY are HCFANY co-founders. Together, HCFANY and its partners. See below for more information about recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • HCFANY Blogs about King v. Burwell

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    NY: Health Care for All New York blogged about the beginning of the King v. Burwell Supreme Court case. The blog provides background on the case and notes that although the case does not directly impact New York because it operates a State-based Marketplace, the decision could impact the entire health care system.

  • HFCANY Blogs About Major Marketplace Milestone

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    NY: Health Care for All New York blogged about Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement that over 2 million New Yorkers have enrolled in the NY State of Health Marketplace. The blog explains that 98%, or 1.8 million, of these new enrollees did not have coverage when they enrolled and, according to a recent survey, 92% of enrollees are satisfied with their health coverage. The blog looks forward to final numbers from the 2015 Open Enrollment Periods.

  • CSS Guest Blogs about NY’s Governor’s Budget

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    NY: Elisabeth R. Benjamin, vice president of health initiatives for Community Service Society of New York, wrote a guest blog for Health Care for All New York about Governor Cuomo’s budget bill. The blog supports the proposed new financing mechanism for the state Marketplace and the proposed $2.5 million in state funding for the Community Health Advocates (CHA) program, which provides navigator and application assistance.

  • HCFANY Blogs About LGBT Enrollment Outreach

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    NY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) blogged about the beginning of LGBT Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment week, an effort aimed at informing uninsured LGBT New Yorkers about coverage options and helping them apply before the end of Open Enrollment. Lois Uttley, co-chair of the HCFANY LGBT Task Force, stated, “[w]e want uninsured LGBT New Yorkers to know that you can apply for coverage without fear of discrimination or being turned down because of pre-existing conditions.”

  • HCFANY Releases Story Booklet Highlighting ACA Open Enrollment Successes

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    NY: Health Care for All New York released a booklet of stories from real New Yorkers on how the ACA has positively impacted their lives. The booklet features 12 stories from individuals across New York who enrolled in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Medicaid, CHIP, and small business plans during the first Open Enrollment Period.

  • HCFANY Hosts Cultural Competency Webinar On Enrolling LGBT New Yorkers in Health Coverage

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    NY: Health Care for All New York’s LGBT Taskforce held a webinar on best practices for navigators and assistors to ensure cultural competency when helping LGBT New Yorkers enroll in health insurance. The webinar covered: specific health issues that LGBT applicants may face; how to deal with special enrollment issues for transgender applicants; and how an organization can be welcoming to LGBT applicants. Materials from the presentation are available.

  • HCFANY Publishes Issue Brief Highlighting 2013-2014 Open Enrollment Period

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    NY: Health Care for All New York published an issue brief with highlights, key statistics, and consumer stories that illustrate the success of the 2013-2014 open enrollment period in New York. The issue brief also makes recommendations for enrolling all New Yorkers in coverage, including: making insurance more affordable, increasing outreach efforts to communities of color and immigrants, and continuing to improve access to providers. 

  • HCFANY Applauds Administration’s Cuts to Proposed Rate Hikes

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    HCFANY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) issued a press release supporting the State’s decision to cut proposed health insurance rate hikes by over 50 percent. Carriers sought an average increase of 12.7% and 13.9% in the individual and small group markets, respectively, but the Department of Financial Services only approved average increases of 5.7% and 6.7%, respectively. Elisabeth Benjamin, co-founder of HCFANY stated, “The Cuomo Administration has effectively applied the law to control premium costs—and this translates into $1 billion in real savings for New Yorkers.”

  • HCFANY Blogs About 2015 Insurance Rates

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    NY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) blogged about New York’s 2015 insurance rate review process in the wake of insurers’ submitting rates for the upcoming plan year. The blog includes letters that HCFANY submitted to the New York State Insurance Department on seven plans and notes that in 2014 insurance rates on the state Marketplace declined by 53%. Final rates should be posted in the early fall.

  • HCFANY Blogs About New York’s Rate Review Process

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    NY: Health Care for All New York blogged about the “prior approval” rate review process in New York.  The blog post explains the rate review process and offers resources for advocates and consumers. 
  • YI and HCFANY Release New Infographics on Exchange Special Enrollment Periods

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    YI & NY: Young Invincibles and Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) released new infographics, website information and videos on special enrollment periods (SEPs).  Young Invincibles’ infographics and HCFANY’s website and videos provide background information on how to access SEPs for individuals who are turning 26 years old, graduating from college, having a baby, getting married, moving, or changing employment.
  • Sign Up Here! HCFANY Releases Sign-On Letter in Support of New York’s Budget

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    NY: Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) wrote an organizational sign-on letter urging the State Legislature to adopt provisions in Governor Cuomo’s 2014-2015 Executive Budget that impact consumers’ health including: the Basic Health Program; out-of-network protections; and support for consumer assistance programs. Organizations must sign-on to the letter by February 26, 2014.

  • HCFANY To Host Webinar on Children with Special Needs under the ACA

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    NY: Health Care for All New York’s Children, Youth and Families Task Force, organized by KidsWell New York, will host a webinar to discuss ACA provisions for children with special needs on February 10, 2014.  Registration is now available.  

  • Webinar Alert! Health Care for All New York To Host Meeting on Mental Health under the ACA

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    NY: Health Care for All New York’s Children, Youth and Families Task Force, organized by KidsWell New York, will host a webinar to discuss mental health under the ACA on January 30th.  Presenters will focus on ACA provisions with special implications for children and youth, as well as initiatives designed to reduce mental health disparities.  Registration is now available.

  • Get the Facts! Health Care for All New York Released Three Fact Sheets

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    NY: Health Care for All New York released three fact sheets to help address New Yorkers’ outstanding questions about: securing affordable health insurance coverage; qualifying for federal subsidies; and changes to Medicaid eligibility

  • Enroll for Coverage! HCFANY Holds Outreach and Enrollment Summits

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    NY: Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) held outreach and enrollment summits in September to spread the word about Open Enrollment and the state’s Health Insurance Marketplace. The summits were free to attend and were open to health advocacy groups, navigators, community groups, hospitals and health care institutions, unions, brokers, health plans and consumers.
  • KidsWell New York Responds to Exchange Open Enrollment Kick-Off!!

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    NY: The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy’s (SCAA) President and CEO Kate Breslin issued a statement  on launch of the New York Health Exchange Marketplace in which she noted that Marketplaces are, “a smart way to strengthen families and communities across the state.”


    Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) launched its new website in celebration of the kick-off of the Health Insurance Marketplaces. The new website includes health policy resources, the HCFANY blog that provides health policy updates, a story bank that features personal stories from New Yorkers and a list of upcoming HCFANY events.


    Community Service Society of New York (CSS) posted an infographic that provides insight on the new health insurance options available starting January 1st, including information on how to apply and enroll for coverage through the new Marketplaces.

  • MomsRising and HCFANY Held Twitter Chat on the New York Exchange

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    MomsRising & NY: MomsRising and Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) held a WellnessWed Tweet chat on July 24th to share information about the New York State Exchange’s health insurance premium rates and to answer consumers’ questions about how to shop and compare for coverage once open enrollment begins on October 1, 2013.

  • CCS & HCFANY Applaud Lower Healthcare Coverage Rates in New York

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    NY: Elizabeth Benjamin, vice president for health initiatives with the Community Service Society of New York (CSS), was quoted in a New York Times article highlighting that New Yorkers will see a drop of at least 50% in health insurance coverage rates due to the Exchange. “Health insurance has suddenly become affordable in New York,” said Benjamin. “It’s not bargain-basement prices, but we’re going from Bergdorf [Goodman]’s to Filene’s [Basement] here.”

    Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) also published a blog post celebrating the approved Exchange rates. The post highlighted their efforts to advocate for low non-Exchange plans by submitting comments to the New York State Department of Financial Services.

  • HCFANY Worked to Spread the Word about the Exchange in the LGBT Community

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    NY: Health Care For All New York (HCFANY) teamed up with volunteers from NYC for Action to spread the word about the New York Health Insurance Exchange to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community at the New York City annual PrideFest Celebration. HCFANY reported that one in four LGBT New Yorkers do not receive health coverage.

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