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The Children’s Movement of Florida is a citizen-led, non-partisan organization formed to organize and educate parents, people of the state, political, business, and civic leaders about making the well-being and education of Florida’s children the highest priority of government, business, non-profit institutions and families. See below for more information about the Children’s Movement of Florida’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • The Children’s Movement of Florida Highlighted in Associated Press Article

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    FL: The Children’s Movement of Florida was highlighted in an Associated Press article about its advocacy efforts on behalf of children. The organization is strongly supporting a bill that would remove a five-year waiting period for health insurance for Floridian children in immigrant families with incomes up to twice the poverty level, which was eliminated at the federal level in 2009. The bill has not yet reached the floor of either the state Senate or the House, but is estimated to cover over 25,000 children. Vance Aloupis, director of the Children’s Movement of Florida, stated, “[e]very year we drag our feet, a child get a year older.”

  • KidCare Failed to Pass Florida’s 2014 Legislature

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    FL:  Vance Aloupis, statewide director for the Children’s Movement of Florida, and Karen Woodall, executive director for the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, were quoted by CBSMiami/News Service of Florida regarding the 2014 Florida legislature’s failure to pass the KidCare bill.  Aloupis stated, “I don’t understand why, in a year when we have a . . . surplus (of more than $1 billion), we can’t spend more on what we know is foundational for children.”  Woodall added that the KidCare’s failure to pass “was a huge, unnecessary disappointment.” 
  • KidsWell FL Advocates for KidCare Proposal

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    FL: Vance Aloupis, statewide director for The Children's Movement of Florida, was quoted in the Bradenton  Herald supporting a bill that would eliminate the KidCare five-year waiting period for low-income, legal immigrant children.  Aloupis stated, “It should be unacceptable to all of us that any child in Florida is without health insurance.”

  • Webinar Alert! KidsWell Florida's Highlighting Children's Access to Coverage!

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    FL: The Children’s Movement of Florida plans to hold a series of five webinars in January and February 2013 focusing on The Movement’s key issues, including children’s access to coverage, early education, the importance of parenting programs, early intervention and prevention for children with special needs, the importance of mentoring, and a legislative wrap-up.
  • The Children's Movement of Florida Released its 2013 Agenda Which Includes Ensuring all Medicaid Eligible Children are Covered

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    The Children’s Movement of Florida released its 2013 agenda.  One goal is to extend KidCare coverage to include children of “lawfully residing” immigrants and to ensure all children eligible for Medicaid under the ACA are covered.   
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Hosted a Webinar to Review Report on the ACA's Implications

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    FL: Florida KidsWell Grantees, in collaboration with the Georgetown Health Policy Institute, held a webinar to launch a report on the implications of the ACA’s Supreme Court decision on Florida’s Medicaid Program. The report was highlighted in a guest column in the Tampa Bay Times and the Georgetown Center for Children and Families Say Ahhh! Blog.
  • KidsWell Florida was Acknowledged in an Article for its Efforts to Support Individuals as they Identify Eligible Coverage Opportunites

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    FL: KidsWell Florida was highlighted in an article on its efforts to support parents and individuals identify eligible coverage opportunities.
  • KidsWell Florida and CCF Hosted a Webinar on Health Care Reform Implementation's Impact on Children

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    FL: KidsWell Florida, in collaboration with the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, will host a webinar on December 6th on health care reform implementation and the impact of these efforts on improving coverage for children in Florida.
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Released KidsCare Toolbox Report

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    KidsWell Florida held a conference call on October 30th to announce the release of Florida’s KidsCare Toolbox report, which provides information about how kids currently access coverage in the state and how the program can be improved.
  • The Children's Movement of Florida Issued a Newsletter with Highlights from the "Milk Party" Tour

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    FL: The Children’s Movement of Florida issued a newsletter highlighting the completion of its 17-city “Milk Party” tour which was developed to build a movement for all Florida children. As a result of the tour, The Children’s Movement of Florida organized regional and executive committees, created an online storytelling portal and recruited hundreds of volunteers to enroll children into Florida KidCare.  
  • KidsWell Florida Partners Submitted a Letter to the Department of Children and Families Objecting to a new Florida ACCESS Policy

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    FL: Florida CHAIN, in collaboration with Covering Kids and Families, The Children’s Movement of Florida, The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy and Florida Legal Services, submitted a letter to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to express objections to a new Florida ACCESS policy that would suspend a beneficiary’s eligibility for Medicaid should correspondence sent to the recipient be returned undeliverable. In response to these advocacy efforts, DCF has since discontinued the policy.
  • TCMF Requested Volunteers to Help Enroll Children in KidCare

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    David Lawrence, The Children’s Movement of Florida’s (TCMF) co-founder and chair, issued a request for volunteers to assist TCMF’s 17 regional committees to enroll children into Florida KidCare, the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Outreach activities are being conducted in partnership with Florida Covering Kids and other state advocates, and include meetings with superintendents, school board members, doctors, nurses and others to develop strategies to enroll hundreds of thousands of children who are currently eligible for coverage.
  • CMF Issued High Level Overview of 2012 Legislative Session

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    David Lawrence, Chair of the Children’s Movement of Florida (CMF), issued an email providing a high level overview of the Florida 2012 legislative session, which included the passage of legislation that provided additional funding to cover more children though KidCare insurance slots and legislation that will expand KidCare eligibility for state employees’ children.

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