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The Children's Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. The national organization works on behalf of all children to ensure that every child in the U.S. receives health care coverage that is comprehensive, accessible, and affordable. See below for more information about CDF’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

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  • KidsWell Partners Comment on Children’s Access to Care

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    CDF, CA: KidsWell Partners commented on the lack of doctors who are willing to treat Medi-Cal enrollees for an article in the California Health Report. Alison Buist, director of healthy policy for the Children’s Defense Fund, stated, “[i]f you look at the numbers, it’s hard to see [that access is] not a problem.” The article also discussed the difficultly in teasing out the impact of transitioning patients from the Healthy Families program to Medi-cal. Kristen Golden Testa, director of the California health program for The Children’s Partnership, stated, “[w]e’re not anywhere where we know if there is an impact with a reduced private network with this population.”

  • KidsWell Partners Featured in New York Times and Circulate CHIP Sign-on Letter

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    CDF, First Focus, NHeLP: KidsWell partners First Focus and Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) signed onto a letter to the editor featured in The New York Times supporting the extension of CHIP funding. In addition, First Focus, CDF, and the National Health Law Program, along with 10 other national organizations, are circulating a sign-on letter encouraging leadership in Congress to extend CHIP funding. Organizations are encouraged to add their names to the letter by October 13th.

  • CDF Releases Column on Importance of CHIP

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    CDF: Children’s Defense Fund’s weekly Child Watch Column focused on the impact of CHIP on children’s coverage over the last 17 years. The column urges Congress to extend funding for the program and underscores the devastating impact on children’s health if CHIP is not reauthorized. 

  • CDF Comments on Child Health Insurance Uninsured Rates in 2013 Census Data

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    CDF: The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) issued a press release on U.S. Census Bureau data which shows no decrease in the rate of uninsured children.  Marian Wright Edelman, president for CDF stated, "We must redouble our efforts to ensure all children have access to quality affordable health coverage.”

  • KidsWell Partners Issue Statements In Support of CHIP Reauthorization Legislation

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    CDF, NHeLP & CA: The Children’s Defense Fund, the National Health Law Program, and The Children’s Partnership each issued statements supporting Senator Jay Rockefeller’s introduction of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Extension Act of 2014.  The legislation seeks to extend CHIP through 2019.
  • CDF Celebrates CHIPRA’s 5th Anniversary with Op-Ed

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    CDF: Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), published an op-ed in the Huffington Post to celebrate CHIPRA’s 5th anniversary and emphasize the importance of continued program funding.  The op-ed highlights: CHIP’s affordability; its pediatric-centric benefits and provider networks; and the importance of school-based outreach.

  • CDF Examines Children’s Well-Being in 2014 Report

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    CDF: The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) published The State of America's Children® 201 report, providing an overview of the well-being of America’s children across factors including poverty, family structure, nutrition and health.  The children’s health section highlights Medicaid/CHIP coverage, the rate of uninsured children, and racial disparities in coverage. 


  • KidsWell Grantees Release Issue Brief on Pediatric Network Adequacy

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    KidsWell PartnersFirst Focus, Georgetown Center for Children and Families (CCF), and the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) joined other national organizations to release an issue brief on ensuring adequate provider networks for children.  The brief, written by Children Now’s Michael Odeh, highlights the need for and development of robust pediatric provider networks.
  • KidsWell Grantees Submit Comments on Proposed Dental Benefit

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    KidsWell Partners: The Children’s Defense Fund, First Focus, Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, and The Children’s Partnership joined other national advocacy organizations in submitting a letter to CMS in response to the proposed rule addressing the affordability of pediatric dental coverage under the ACA.  The letter supported CMS’ proposal to reduce the cost-sharing limit for stand-alone dental plans (SADPs) for 2015 and beyond, but voiced concern that families who purchase pediatric SADPs may still face affordability barriers.

  • KidsWell Grantees Signed Letter Expressing Support for Year-End Health Extenders Package

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    KW: Four KidsWell grantees—The Children’s Partnership, Children’s Defense Fund, First Focus, and National Council of La Raza—joined other national advocates in signing a letter to the House Committee on Ways and Means in support of including the following programs in any year-end health extenders package: the Qualified Individual program, the Transitional Medical Assistance program, and Express Lane Eligibility.  The letter also called for state incentive payment provisions and quality improvement funding for CHIPRA to be included.
  • CDF Released a Video Celebrating their 40th Anniversary!

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    CDF: Let’s Celebrate! The Children’s Defense Fund released a video in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The video highlights CDF’s Champions Changing the Odds for Children campaign.

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