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100% Campaign is a collaborative effort of three KidsWell Partners – The Children’s Partnership, Children Now, and Children’s Defense Fund-California. Together, the 100% Campaign is working to ensure every California child has access to health care coverage. For more information about 100% Campaign’s recent activities, advocacy work/tools, and accomplishments see below!

ACA Implementation

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  • 100% Campaign Issued Press Release on SCOTUS Ruling

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    100% Campaign issued a press release stating that millions of California children and families will continue to benefit from the decision and called on California policy makers to continue to move forward towards a comprehensive, affordable health coverage for every child in the state. In addition, the press release highlights a story of a family that will benefit from the law as a result of the elimination of the pre-existing exclusion.
  • The 100% Campaign Published ACA Parent Resource and Fact Sheet

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    The 100% Campaign published a fact sheet and a parent resource listing the top ACA benefits for California children and youth.
  • NASHP Call Showcased ACA Benefits to California S-CHIP Children

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    On February 24, 2012 NASHP will host a Children in the Vanguard call to showcase a recent Urban Institute report, commissioned by The 100% Campaign, on where California's S-CHIP kids will be best served under health care reform. The presentation, by representatives of The 100% Campaign, will highlight the results of the research, as well as focus on the methods used and the thinking behind the analysis done in California. In addition to the Children in the Vanguard states, KidsWell grantees and state officials from New York, Mississippi and Texas may also be joining the call.

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