MomsRising was developed by women to advocate for critical issues facing women, mothers, and families, mobilizing massive grassroots actions to highlight real world experiences. As part of the national KidsWell initiative, MomsRising is working with KidsWell Partners to enhance their social media and grassroots efforts to work toward ensuring all children have access to health care. See below for more information about MomsRising’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

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  • First Focus and MomsRising Hold Briefing on How Public Views Investments in Children

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    First Focus & MomsRising: First Focus and MomsRising will hold a Congressional briefing on December 18th sponsored by Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) to review data on the public’s perception of investments in children. At the hearing, two mothers will share personal stories of how their families have benefited from the ACA.   Registration is now available.  

  • Story Collection Alert! MomsRising Asks About Shopping Experiences on

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    MomsRising: MomsRising is asking users to share their shopping experiences. One user was happily surprised with the experience, stating: “I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but when I got to it turned out to be very user friendly and it only took me 30 to 40 minutes to sign-up. And that’s because I was taking my time.”

  • MomsRising and TWAH Published Marketing Materials on Benefits of ACA for Texans

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    MomsRising and TX: MomsRising, in collaboration with KidsWell Texas, also posted The ACA is Here to Stay: 4 Ways That’s a Beautiful Thing, highlighting that 44% of Americans are unaware the ACA is in effect and even fewer Texans understand how they will benefit from the law. The post features marketing materials developed by Texas Well and Healthy identifying four ways the ACA is helping Texans. Tune in for more blog posts from the Center for Public Policy Priorities in September!
  • MomsRising Published Blog Posts on the ACA

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    MomsRising, FL & TX: MomsRising published blog posts in collaboration with their Florida members on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Girls Deserve More Options to be Healthy focuses on how the ACA addresses the unique needs of women, including providing preventive care services.  I Was Uninsured for 10 Years features a story about a woman who was uninsured for most of her twenties, the experiences she had, and how women will benefit from the ACA.
  • MomsRising Featured as a Guest during HHS First Google Hangout

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    MomsRising: On July 19th Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director of MomsRising, was featured as guest during the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Google Hangout. The hangout streamed a live conversation about new resources available on and the new Health Insurance Marketplace call center.


    MomsRising also held its #Wellness Wednesday chat on Twitter with Enroll America’s Get Covered America campaign. The chat focused on personal stories of what health care coverage means to women and their families.

  • MomsRising Launched National Story Campaign on Healthcare Coverage

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    MomsRising: MomsRising launched a national story campaign to collect stories from individuals and small businesses on healthcare coverage in an effort to share them with various media sources and federal and state decision makers. MomsRising also released an interactive map to pinpoint where individuals have shared stories across the country.
  • MomsRising Asked Folks to Tell Their Representatives Why Medicaid Matters for Children and Families!

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    MomsRising: MomsRising issued a call to action encouraging individuals to send a letter to Congress asking them to protect critically important programs such as Medicaid, to continue to strengthen families and the national economy.
  • MomsRising Published Stories Demonstrating the Importance of Medicaid

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    MomsRising: MomsRising published a blog post by Emily Townsend, a MomsRising member, about how Medicaid helped her earn a PhD and take care of her disabled daughter. In addition, MomsRising conducted a story collection of members in Maryland (here, here, and here) sharing why Medicaid is important to them (Please contact MomsRising if you would like to use these stories as part of your campaign)MomsRising also posted a timeline highlighting what “MomPower” achieved in 2012. Achievements include preventing cuts to Medicaid, working to promote economic security for families, and working to end maternal profiling.
  • National and State KidsWell Partners Announced a Series of Videos Featuring Texans' Health Care Stories and Information about the ACA

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    Texas Well and Healthy (TWAH) announced a new series of videos, in partnership with MomsRising, that were posted every week, for eight weeks, until the election. The videos featured Texans’ health care stories and information about the ACA.
  • MomsRising Met with President Obama to Discuss Potential Tax Cuts and Issued a Call to Action to Protect Middle-Class Moms and Families

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    MomsRising: Moms Rising attended a meeting with President Obama to discuss potential tax cuts as the “fiscal cliff” deadline continues to move closer. In addition, MomsRising issued a call to action to sign a statement and assist in delivering story books to Congress urging them to protect middle-class moms and families.
  • MomsRising Released a Report and Website Sharing Stories of Health Reform Helping Families

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    MomsRising: MomsRising released a report and an interactive website sharing stories of how health reform is helping families across the U.S.
  • KidsWell Texas Partners Hosted a Conversation on Twitter Following the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates

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    TX: Texans Care for Children, in partnership with First Focus and MomsRising, hosted a conversation on Twitter (#Kids2012) following the October presidential and vice presidential debates. Texas Care for Children also encouraged Texans to “speak up” for children on social media websites, the Texas Care for Children Blog, and in candidate forums.

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