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Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy (FCFEP) conducts independent research, develops new ideas, and advises policymakers on state fiscal and economic policy. The Center pays close attention to how policy impacts low- and moderate-income individuals, families and neighborhoods, workers and small businesses. The Center works toward public awareness of the need to adequately fund programs that improve opportunities, choices, quality of life outcomes and the economic well-being of all Floridians, especially children. FCFEP’s advocacy work includes publishing independent research, identifying new ideas, and advising policymakers on emerging state health coverage issues. See below for more information about FCFEP’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

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  • FCFEP Released a Report Highlighting Employer Benefits from Medicaid Expanison

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    FL: The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy released a report highlighting how Florida employers can benefit from Medicaid expansion.  The report argues that coverage to employees under the expansion would be a fully subsidized employee benefit, which is valued at an estimated $14.3 billion for primary service industry-related employers over 10 years.

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