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Young Invincibles (YI) is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization that mobilizes young adults, ages 18 to 34, to put them in the center of the debate and to find solutions that will improve their lives. YI was started by students and young workers during the health care debate in summer 2009 to help give young people a voice in that critical effort and expand youth access to decent health insurance and care. In the short time since its founding, YI has grown into an important voice for the health care needs of young adults, coordinating outreach and advocacy campaigns at the national and state levels, and working in coalition with dozens of youth and non-youth organizations to educate young adults about health care. See below for more information about YI’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!

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  • YI Circulates Letter Support Obamacare Maternity Coverage Provision

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    YI: Young Invincibles is encouraging individuals to join a sign-on letter calling on HHS Secretary Burwell to allow women who become pregnant to enroll in coverage under a special qualifying life event category. 

  • YI Announces ACA Enrollment College Tour

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    YI: Young Invincibles and the NAACP announced the Get H.Y.P.E. (Healthy Young People Everywhere) College Tour will host three special events at the University of Houston to empower students to get serious about their own health and enroll in the Marketplace. The announcement notes the Tour will feature fun activities, a press conference, and a Town Hall focused on the most pressing problems facing young people today.

  • Young Invincibles Releases California-Specific Health Coverage Renewal Infographic

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an infographic outlining the steps needed to renew and ensure health coverage for 2015 in California. The infographic includes step-by-step instructions, facts, and important contact information.

  • Young Invincibles Releases Health Coverage Renewal Infographic

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an infographic outlining the steps needed to renew health coverage and ensure coverage for 2015. The infographic includes step-by-step instructions, facts, and important contact information.

  • YI Highlights Drop in Uninsured Rate Among Young Adults

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) issued a press release on  U.S. Census Bureau data which shows  an increase of 4 million 18 and 34 years old who gained coverage from 2009 to 2013. During the same time period, the uninsured rate of young adults fell from 28.1% to 25.2%. The release notes that these numbers may actually be higher because they do not account for the 1.7 million young people who enrolled in health coverage via the Marketplaces in 2014. Tom Allison, policy and research managed for YI stated, “Considering that this data doesn’t even account for Open Enrollment sign-ups, we think these new numbers just scratch the surface of the positive young adult enrollment trends we expect to see.”

  • YI Highlights Marketplace Premium Payments

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) issued a press release noting that 7.3 million people who enrolled in health care coverage through Marketplaces paid their premiums. Jen Mishory, executive director of YI stated, “A resounding 9 out of 10 people who applied for Marketplace coverage paid for, and continued to be enrolled in, their coverage on August 15, signaling that Americans – including young adults — want to retain their new health plans. Young Invincibles looks forward to continuing to help young adults get and stay covered.”

  • KidsWell Partners Urge Texas Lawmakers to Promote ACA Coverage Options

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    NCLR, YI, TX: KidsWell grantees National Council of La Raza,  Young Invincibles, Texans Care for Children, Children’s Defense Fund-Texas, and the Center for Public Policy Priorities wrote a letter to Texas State Representatives and Senators promoting health coverage options available to their constituents under the ACA. The letter, co- signed by 19 national and local advocacy organizations, provides key talking points that legislators may share with constituents as 2015 open enrollment approaches.

  • KidsWell Partners Issue Statements on ACA Appeals Court Rulings on Subsidies

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    NHeLP, YI, & FL: The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) and Young Invincibles issued statements in response to the Halbig v. Burwell ruling that ACA subsidies are only available to consumers in state-run Marketplaces. Florida CHAIN issued a statement explaining the immediate impact of the ruling. NHeLP also issued a statement praising the unanimous opinion in King v. Burwell that upheld the ACA’s subsidies in state-run Marketplaces.

  • YI Discusses How States Can Help Young Adults Keep Their Health Coverage Privacy

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    YI: Young Invincibles published a blog post highlighting how California is working to expand young adult’s privacy when enrolled in another person’s health plan. The proposed legislation clarifies to whom carriers can send explanations of benefits and communications containing confidential information. If passed, health information for adults under 26 will automatically be kept confidential unless the patient grants permission to release the information and adults over 26 may request that sensitive information not be disclosed.  

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