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Young Invincibles (YI) is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization that mobilizes young adults, ages 18 to 34, to put them in the center of the debate and to find solutions that will improve their lives. YI was started by students and young workers during the health care debate in summer 2009 to help give young people a voice in that critical effort and expand youth access to decent health insurance and care. In the short time since its founding, YI has grown into an important voice for the health care needs of young adults, coordinating outreach and advocacy campaigns at the national and state levels, and working in coalition with dozens of youth and non-youth organizations to educate young adults about health care. See below for more information about YI’s recent activities, accomplishments, and advocacy work and tools!


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  • Young Invincibles to Hold Valentine’s Day Health Fair

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    YI: Young Invincibles will hold a Valentine’s Day themed health fair at the College of William and Mary on Saturday, February 14th. The fair will provide young adults an opportunity to sign up for insurance and receive in-person assistance before the end of the Open Enrollment Period.

  • YI Blogs About Millennial Enrollment Efforts

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    YI: Young Invincibles blogged about outside-of-the-box efforts to educate young adults about, and enroll them in, health coverage. The blog highlights rates to date with 26% of this year’s enrollees are between ages 18 and 34. The blog also discusses the approximately 200 events that will occur this week in a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day.

  • YI Announces Countdown to National Youth Enrollment Day Events

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    YI: Young Invincibles announced two events to be held on January 24, 2015 as a lead up to National Youth Enrollment Day. The first event, in Houston, Texas, will be held in partnership with the Enroll Gulf Coast Collaborative and Get Covered America. The second event, a community health fair in Chicago, Illinois, will be held in partnership with the Allied Health Program of Kevlyn Park High School and Illinois

    Rep. Will Guzzardi. Both events will aim to educate young adults about new health coverage options available to them under the ACA.

  • YI Announces ACA Enrollment College Tour

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    YI: Young Invincibles and the NAACP announced the Get H.Y.P.E. (Healthy Young People Everywhere) College Tour will host three special events at the University of Houston to empower students to get serious about their own health and enroll in the Marketplace. The announcement notes the Tour will feature fun activities, a press conference, and a Town Hall focused on the most pressing problems facing young people today.

  • KidsWell Partners to Host New York Health Coverage Disparities Discussion

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    YI, NY: Young Invincibles and Children’s Defense Fund – New York will host a discussion on ACA implementation, its impact on young New Yorkers, and how new options for health coverage can eliminate disparities in marginalized communities on October 20th. Registration is available now.

  • YI & FL CHAIN Team Up to Collect Young Adults’ Coverage Gap Stories

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    YI & FL: Young Invincibles (YI) and Florida CHAIN are partnering to collect stories of young adults in states that have not expanded Medicaid.  YI developed a survey that FL CHAIN is distributing to its community partners to reach Florida’s uninsured young adults.
  • YI Released Issue Brief and One Pager Highlighting SEPs for Young Adults

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    Young Invincibles: Young Invincibles (YI) released an issue brief about young adults and special enrollment periods (SEPs).  The brief reports that young adults are the most likely age group to qualify for SEPs and highlights the most relevant SEP triggering events, including: births, marriage, losing coverage as a result of a job change, turning 26 and losing dependent coverage, moving, or a change in immigration status.  YI also released an SEP one-pager targeted to recent graduates.    

  • Young Invincibles Released A Video from National Youth Enrollment Day

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) released a highlight video of National Youth Enrollment Day on February 15, 2014, during which YI held over 100 events in 70 cities nationwide.
  • Young Invincibles’ New Infographic Highlights On-Going Enrollment Opportunities

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    YI: Young Invincibles published an infographic highlighting Covered California’s special enrollment periods and Medi-Cal’s year round enrollment.
  • MomsRising and YI Promote Young Adult and Latino Enrollment

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    MomsRising & YI: MomsRising, Young Invincibles (YI), and the Department of Health and Human Services co-hosted a #WellnessWed tweet chat to answer young adults and Latinos’ questions about how to access affordable coverage before the open enrollment deadline.

  • YI Launches Healthy Young American App Sweepstakes

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    YI: Young Invincibles launched the Healthy Young America App Sweepstakes to encourage enrollment among young adults and promote the financial assistance available to make health insurance coverage more affordable.  All you need to do to enter is download the Healthy Young America App. One lucky person will win $1,200! 
  • Young Invincibles Releases Infographic on ACA Coverage for Young African Americans

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an infographic that highlights how young African Americans are faring under the ACA.  According to the infographic, approximately 500,000 young African Americans have gained access to health coverage by staying on their parent’s plan until age 26 and 1.8 million could be eligible for tax credits. 

  • #GetCovered: KidsWell Grantees Participate in National Youth Enrollment Day

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    YI & MomsRising: Young Invincibles (YI), MomsRising, and other organizations will participate in National Youth Enrollment Day on February 15, 2014 to educate young adults about the importance of health insurance coverage and about the new coverage options available.

  • Young Invincibles' Op-Ed Calls for Extending Health Coverage for Undocumented and Immigrants

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    NAM & YI: Linda Leu, California Policy and Research Director at Young Invincibles (YI), published an op-ed in New American Media highlighting individuals who are excluded from ACA coverage, including those who are undocumented and some lawfully present immigrants, and discussing steps California has taken to address this gap.  In the op-ed, YI shared its Roadmap to Coverage for Young California Immigrants depicting coverage pathways for young adults. 

  • Looking for Coverage? Young Invincibles Released New Healthy Young America Mobile App

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    YI:  Young Invincibles (YI) released an updated version of the Healthy Young America mobile application. The new version allows users to: calculate tax credit savings; find health care providers; learn about the ACA; and connect to Marketplaces to determine their eligibility for coverage.
  • Young Invincibles & HHS Announced Winners of ACA Video Contest

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    YI: Young Invincibles (YI) and HHS announced the winners of the Healthy Young America video contest on December 2nd.  After a five week submission period and more than 30,000 votes, Erin McDonald won the Grand Prize for her video “Forget the Price Tag” in the “Perform a Song!” category. The contest’s goal was to raise awareness about the new health insurance options available to young adults under the ACA.

  • Young Invincibles Published CNN Op-Ed on Generation Y and the ACA

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    YI: Aaron Smith, co-founder and executive director of Young Invincibles (YI), published a CNN op-ed on why Generation Y should enroll in coverage. The op-ed focuses on Florida where as many as 605,000 uninsured young adults (ages 18-34) may qualify for premium tax credits and, if the state expanded Medicaid, 590,000 young adults would be eligible for the program. Smith argues the ACA makes comprehensive health coverage much more affordable for the young uninsured. 

  • Young Invincibles Responds to Exchange Open Enrollment Kick-Off!!

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    Young Invincibles: Young Invincible (YI) issued a press release highlighting that the new Marketplaces are “a game changer for the millions of uninsured young adults in this country that have never been able to afford health insurance or have been denied coverage for having a pre-existing condition.”  YI’s press release also YI reminds individuals of its nationwide “Healthy Young America” campaign that is designed to inform young adults about coming changes and new options in healthcare.


    In addition, YI published a blog post highlighting why the new Marketplaces are so important to Americans. The post includes stories collected from individuals by YI staff, including a story about a Nevada woman with a tumor “who would benefit from Obamacare” because she could not find coverage due to her pre-existing condition.

  • Decisions, Decisions! YI Released a National Roadmap to Coverage to Help Young Adults Choose their Best Coverage Option!

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    YI: Young Invincibles released an easy-to-navigate National Roadmap to Coverage to help young adults find the best and most affordable health care coverage option for their individual needs and budget. With easy to answer questions and a flowchart, college ready young adults can use the Roadmap to learn about coverage options available starting October 1st. A Spanish version of the roadmap is also available.


    Young Invincibles also announced a Thunder Clap campaign to spread the word about how individuals can access affordable quality health insurance starting October 1st.

  • YI and Florida CHAIN Team Up to "Organize, Educate, Enroll"

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    YI & FL: Young Invincibles (YI) and Florida CHAIN held a free Affordable Care Act (ACA) educational workshop on September 19th in Tallahassee to provide information on organizing, educating, and enrolling Florida communities into coverage. Guest speakers included Catherine Oakar, Senior Policy Advisor of the Health and Human Services’ Office of Health Reform and a member of the President’s Youth Council. The target audience were organizations interested in conducting outreach to young adults.



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