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NLCR Releases Statement and Issue Brief on the Coverage Gap in Texas

NCLR: The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) released a statement about their report on the impact of not expanding Medicaid in Texas. According to the report, which focuses on the impact to Latinos, nearly 600,000 Hispanics in Texas would have been eligible for Medicaid if Texas decided to expand eligibility. Leticia de la Vara, senior strategist for NCLR stated, “Despite broad public support and the clear economic benefits of Medicaid expansion—including an estimated boost in the state’s economic output by $67.9 billion during fiscal years 2014–2017 and generating an additional 231,000 jobs in Texas by 2016—the state of Texas has chosen to reject federal funding to expand the program and has yet to bring forth a viable alternative to bridge the coverage gap.”