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MCFJ Released an Informational Brief on Health Care Reform and the ACA

The Mississippi Center For Justice (MCFJ) released an issue brief on the importance of consumer protections in the ACA and common sense steps that may be taken to improve access to care for Mississippi children and families. Key recommendations targeted to Mississippi's decision makers include: (1) designing a simple and consumer-friendly path to health care coverage (e.g., online, in person, telephone and paper enrollment options); (2) developing a robust outreach and education program that targets low-income and minority communities; (3) creating incentives for health plans to participate in Medicaid and the Exchange to ensure that benefits are aligned and continuity of coverage is protected for consumers; (4) eliminating the face-to-face interview requirement for Medicaid enrollment; (5) monitoring private insurers to ensure they eliminate discriminatory practices (e.g., refusing coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions); and (6) ensuring a transparent process through a robust stakeholder process.